Hey Maa

How did I get so lost?

Where did I lose the plot?

From holding you intimately

To having to seek you endlessly.


There was a time when deep anguish was difficult

Crying would end too soon

For you would call out to me

Reminding me that I was being silly.

So stories I would weave,

Just to have a good cry;

Then laugh at myself

And you would laugh with me.


But now I am caught

In a maze that seems long and endless

A maze with many joys

That start and stop and end too soon

A maze that the wise say – is also you

But I seem to lack the vision to see.


What was it?

One little misstep?

Or a series of blunders that led to this?

Will you ever be back

To live with me;

Or will I come and go

And never see?


A warm thank you to @Chitrotpala Chaitali Dash whose wonderful poems to maa inspired this poem. If you would like to read her works, here are some links: