Holi is a beautiful festival of colours.Children love to play with colours.

And when you are already in hostel,the enthusiasm and excitement to celebrate Holi with your friends is sky high.

I am going to share one recent story with my lovely Os.me family.

I was in my hostel and it was night.The next day,I was having my practical exam(viva) and I was preparing for that.It was already 10 ‘o clock and I decided to sleep as I had to awake at 5:30 a:m.

Next day,it was our last viva and after that Holi Vacations were going to commence.I was reading for my Viva and then I checked my phone.There was a message in our WhatsApp group ‘All the girls please assemble in the corridor,we will celebrate Holi’.

When I saw the message,I did not pay much heed because I had already made my mind to sleep.And of course,I knew that my friends would apply too much colour on my hair and clothes that I would have to take a bath.

My roommate already went to celebrate Holi.Infact,she was the one who had planned all this.I had told her that I would not come.

Some of the girls had already gathered on the floor and they were playing with colours.Their face,hair and clothes were dyed with colour.As I finished reading and was approaching to bed, suddenly someone knocked my door.It was none other than my dear  roommate, Shruti.I told her ‘I will not  open the door,I know you will put colour on me’. She said ‘I will not do this,I just want my phone charger’.I said ‘Wait there,I will bring your charger’.And when I partially opened the door to handover her charger,she pushed the door with all her efforts.She was inside the room now and she applied colour on my face.All my friends accompanying her also applied the colour on me.Now I was dyed with holi colours.I took the colour and applied it on my roommate and my friends.Now I decided to celebrate with them.My batchmates were shouting too loud that warden had to come to my floor.Actually,she had already warned us a day before not to celebrate Holi in hostel.The warden was strict and we were not allowed to speak loud.

When warden came,all the girls hid in one room and closed the door.The warden shouted and went back .We came out of the room.The girls filled the buckets with water and started throwing water at each other with mugs.It was so much fun😊.The floor was fully soaked with water.Now the warden again came.This time she used another stairs to reach.We saw her and we stopped playing.All the girls sat on the floor silently ( Infact,we all were laughing).The warden did not tolerate nuisance.She clicked our pictures and she said she would show it to the Dean sir.She instructed us to go to our rooms.All the girls went to their rooms.Some girls were afraid that Dean sir would call us in office next day.I took bath and went to sleep.

The next day,we appeared for the viva and then left the hostel for Vacations.Nobody discussed about the last night😁

Do share if you have a similar story.😁


Yours Ripandeep ❤️