Hi Om-ites

I have immense trust in your ability, courage and karma for the fact, that you have started to search for knowledge to be free, now is the time to give back the medium that helped us in becoming free, lets do this dharma.

This blog will be slightly different from sharing own experience or any positive message, but rather questioning each contribution to self and beyond self?

This typical conversation, “The system”, ” how to survive in this competitive world “, “how to keep track in making quick bucks”, ” you need to successful”, etc etc, has always ringed our ears right from our early days since the time we are able to make logic of the conversations that we hear.

Branding kids, based on report card system, students on ranks and professionals, on performance rating and many more. People who didn’t fit into these scales, made prosperous career later, lime light showered on them, as if, they climbed Mount Everest.

But the main question is who created this system and why? God, okay, any evidence, not in totality. But we always tell god is responsible for the all doings, because majority of the people don’t question, since God is a hard task master or some strict belief in the societies.

Out of this attitude, because of low questioning factor of self and beyond self, we have started looking for quick answer rather than sit down solve ourselves. Let me tell this, out of pure experience, like every DNA is different, my perspective is completely different from yours and this is how the nature has designed. You don’t believe me, ask software engineers to a give a programming solution.

Now coming back to system of existence, who is responsible, why are we depending on GOD, sages and saints and irritating them, why, should they contribute all there hard work to us. Is it our birth right to get it, just because we pray everyday to our personal deity etc etc, hilarious explanation. Let me shout it out, THERE IS NO WRITTEN WARRANTY THAT SAGES, SAINTS AND SO CALLED AVATARS SHOULD COME AND RESCUE US, they are doing it of their personal choice.

One, we can be grateful and thank them, second we should be ashamed also that we depending on someone and forcing them to help us. THEY ARE HELPING US BECAUSE WE ARE NOT HELPING OURSELVES.

Let me put bluntly, when a couple decides to have baby, the immediate thought process will be like, our kid must get the best education, he/she do well in studies and get married, fly abroad, make millions, drives a luxury car. We pray for this, from divinity, disgusting, I must say. This is not applicable for people who work to meet ends, but applicable to each of the reader, since you can afford membership.

Practicing divinity or self realization is luxury, not necessity, nature has chosen you and us for something better than just mere survival.

Technically, there is no medium for the divine beings to born, these divine creatures are not interested in knowing of your material well being, they just need one thing, that is a medium to test and expand.

Let us be frank and open how many of are willing to take risk, to give up, certain material well being and go out in the wild in search of knowledge, how many of us are willing to repay the debt of others, from our own earning and expect nothing and we want the divine to come and help us hahahahahaha.

God/Divine is not our customer service, we need to show our worth, if you want Krishna, Vicky, Ramu to be born our home.

To attain this medium is extremely simple, because its the WORK OF WOMEN, the feminine energy. Let me sort this logically,

Bhuvaneswari Devi, Prabhabati Bose , google their kids.

Now, I ask what the difference between these women and present generation women, nothing. Today generation women also have faith, people reading this blog also faith, then what’s the issue. The answer is nothing, we have stopped trying, our concentration have gone imbalanced.

Imagine, when we keep repeating, that, I will be victorious and you sense a better well being, now try this and say, that I will give birth divine kids and alter destiny of the society. How simple, Isnt it?

To make it more elaborate, in astrology, moon is associated with mother, feelings, emotion and the most important the mind. When moon is afflicted you see the subject having irrational fears and behavior, when in good position and exalted, great stability and simplicity.

Dear Girls, Ladies and Women :: You have the ability to give birth to warriors, why I say this, because show me a set example where in the present education and survival system a spiritual warriors are made. No, never, it will happen. Hence I say this girls your the seeds of revolution, your nine month can alter destiny of many people, sages sat down to invoke Devi energy. YOUR ARE GIFTED. Hence the cover picture of Durga. Each one of you are Durga for me, each one of you can make miracles, I shall always have trust on you.

Dear Men :: you have only one work, that is, feed them a lot of ice creams and love and watch your kid turning into super hero 🙂

P.S:: Please share your thought and pledge that I will create a medium for divine souls to be born.

Hara Hara Mahadeva



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