Heart brimming

Eyes overflowing

Relief at finally finding a place 

where there is such immense freedom

to just be…..

Nothing to hide

No “one” to “be”

Just immense relief

At being able to unburden 



shun untruth

Remove the stale jewels

…..the fake smiles

…..the heavy cares

…..the lovely wares

……be free from the myriad half truths of the mortal world

and bask in the glow of His world!


I have created a line

A line that marks the end

A line that is a limit

A line which holds me in 

A line close to the place that has become dear to me 

A place that pulls my heart like a powerful magnet pulls a tiny object

When life gets hot and heavy which it eventually does for everybody

I now run to that place and stay there 

close to the one thing that feels purer than pure

magnetizing and taming the wild mind 

reminding and helping focus on what is true

It has become easier to stay here  (and not rush out on the hot horse galloping away!!)

and bask in the glow of His world!