A Parent is a child s idol and ideal but what if the parent is not as Smart ,hard working and sincere? Is it a human s fault to still be a parent? Or a souls journey to choose imperfect parent to learn more skills or embibe similar careless traits? In class 6 th summer vacations my school gave us a project to grow a tomato plant to learn ,seed ,seedling ,embroyo ,photosynthesis and chlorophyll reinforcement! Both my parents were working and we lived on first floor of a rented house ,flower pots were never in our balcony leave alone earth to sow a tomatoe seed ,so i dint even bother to do any effort where as other class mates presented their work in scrap books with well labeled celophene covered sketch pen coloured beutiful origami papers arranged with satin ribbons tied neatly on the side! When teacher asked for the project one week after school opened i had no clue what to do but as u call in Divine grace, there was a wild plant just growing on corner of our house and guess what it was tomatoe( this i only got to know the last sunday before which we had to submit the project) ! So on a drawing sheet i had all to show a seed ,tomatoe leaf and a green tomato! Fast forward 33 years and now my son who is having online classes for 1 year 6 months and is least interested to attend them was given a summer holiday home work to draw different types of thermometers ,he dint do it saying no one checks ,care less attitude or lack of sincerity, hard work or frustration of all the time in four walls! Day before the teacher asked as a compulsion for kids to turn inn home work which we did borrowing it on watts app from some other section child copying it ,mailing ourself and then pasting it where it had to be , some thing in us was scared to be caught as cheaters ,so when the teacher took the oral presentation looking at the diagram and before the day got over we unsubmitted our work ,i drew a shaby thermometer again and re submitted it! Cheating history repeated itself!