Nature works in mysterious way, don’t you think? At times, immense beauty and unfathomable fear go hand in hand and try as we may, we just cannot separate the two.

Ever looked at a mighty waterfall, the one that gushes forth from the edge of the giant and roughest rock? As a child I used to wonder what might be behind the thick sheet of water. Is there a cave behind that acts a portal to some other dimension that is still unknown to humans? A strange kind of fear used to take me in its embrace.

Now as an adult, the lofty Himalayan peaks, the vast limitless ocean and the moonlit starry night sky that stretch across eternity arouse the same kind of fear in me, a fear that captivates your entire being.

Beauty can be intoxicatingly terrifying.

The animal kingdom is weird and beautiful. Beautifully Weird and Weirdly Beautiful. Out of the species that have been discovered, we have got some extremely unusual and bizarre babies. A mere look into their tiny eyes can literally make the heads spin out of amazement (and may be a bit of fear, too!). Please allow me to share some of the most unique creatures that look as if they have come out straight from some magical Hogwarts.

Happy Reading!

1) White Venezuelan Poodle Moth : मुझे ना छूना, परी हूँ मैं!


First photographed in 2009, this tiny baby looks like a mix between a fluffy white poodle and a muslin moth (Don’t wanna even imagine how that could even happen!). But honestly, the two little pine leaf-liked antenna on top of those big black eyes popping out of its furry face, it makes this little creature one of the most adorable sweethearts in the world.

Where to Find Them: Canaima National Park, Venezuela, South America (That’s the only place you can actually stumble upon one. Nowhere else in the world. Now, that’s what they call true nationalism!)

Something Interesting: While it may look cuddly, but don’t ever get carried away. It might not be as soft as it appears to be! (Looks can be deceptive, peeps!) They uses their fur for to smell and for self-defence. (Kiai!)

2) Boxer Crab : हम भी हैं जोश में, बातें कर होश में!


Nicknamed as the Pom-Pom crab, this crustacean gets its name from the two sea-anemones (Annies!) that it carries in its claw. Literally the Lilliput of the sea-world, it is just about an inch in width. The crabby feeds Annies and, in return, the Annies protect Crabby in the face of danger. (Besties in action!) This tiny cheerleader earned its place on this list due to its sheer uniqueness with the pretty ‘gloves’!

Where to Find Them: In the shallow waters of the tropical Indo-Pacific, especially in the Hawaiian Islands. (May be that is why these crabbies look like Hawaiian girls!)

Something Interesting: Since it is endemic to Hawaiian Islands, it has got a Hawaiian name, Kūmimi Pua, which translated to “inedible flower crab”. (Pretty-pretty❣❣)

3) Emperor Tamarin : यहां पे सब शान्ति-शान्ति है!


These amazing creatures belong to the species of monkeys. I feel they look like Shaolin Monks of animal kingdom, don’t they?! There are two sub species of Emperor Tamarins, the bearded ones and the black chinned ones. Their cute little faces radiating peace and those magnificent white whiskers hanging downwards make them one of the truly charming animals out there.

Where to Find Them: The ones with beard live in the Peruvian and Brazilian rainforests. The ones without beard (the black-chinned) have made the rainforests of Brazil, Peru and Bolivia their home.

Something Interesting: This seemingly ‘enlightened’ creature got its name from German Emperor, Wilhelm II (Strange-Moustache-Brothers!)

4) Stick Insect : भूरा काठी काट खायेगा, सच बोल!


Often called the Walking Stick, this creature is so unique that it can easily instil a weird fear in you. It actually looks like the twigs among which it walks; almost as if non-existent (one of the brilliant natural camouflages!). It spends most of the day hidden under the plants, hauntingly motionless and comes out at night to hunt. (Satanic!)

Where to Find Them: Tropical and Sub-tropical forests and grasslands. Some species live in the temperate regions.

Something Interesting: Stickies can be as tiny as half an inch to as giant as 13 inches! If you stretch the legs of the giant ones out, they will measure to be around 21 inches! That makes them one of the world’s longest insects.

As Shaky Baba made Hamlet-Omelette say,

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” 

Baaki ke ‘Jaadu’ kal dekhengey! Loads of love!