“Hold on to my Daaman with both hands” What does it mean in practical terms??
It could mean so many things: to stick to God through the so called good and bad times, to have full and complete faith in Him, depending on Him for every little thing in our lives and by making him our constant companion, trusting him wholly and surrendering ourselves to him.
When we keep on holding to his Daaman- the hem of the garment, we begin to follow Him wherever He goes, abide by his wishes and conduct our lives in such a manner that would not only glorify Him but also please Him. It all depends on how strongly we hold on to his Daaman regardless of our being saints or sinners.
We have flown kites in our childhood. Kites have long tails and they soar high in the skies,their tails fluttering.If they hold fast to the kite, they go where the kite goes.It matters little whether the tails are stuck with fine gum.
What is needed is that the grip should never loosen., in the same way whether you are sinners or saints, if you hold fast to his “Daaman” , you will be wherever I will be .
Jai Meher Baba.

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