Approximately fourteen years ago, I purchased a plot of land in a small town in Madhya Pradesh. It’s a small Army Cantonment, and being an Army Brat, it is like being “home” for me. Inspite of having lived a non-army life since I got married many years ago, my heart still marches to a military tune.The dream was to build a lovely family home, out in the open, grow your own food to some extent, and live a simple and clean life. And, of course, it had to be all about sustainable living.
However, time went by and, for some reason or the other (it’s always that, isin’t it?) The Dream got postponed and then shelved. The years had been steadily nibbled at by Time, the resolve worn thin, resources almost dried up, and all the excuses to give up were so justifiable. The only thing that had increased in these years was, well, my age. 
Some months ago, my son said to me that I should not give up on my dream, because deep down in my heart some shreds of it remain, and time and time again, I try to gather them.
So, here I am, in my 70’s, poised for flight and a fight. Ready to give up the conveniences of a comfortable living in a metro city,  knowing that life will be tougher on a day-to-day basis, that I’m older and frailer, that living is more expensive and I am tearing myself away from all that is safe and familiar. And, yes, the house will now be a small cottage. 
When I run a reality check, all hell breaks loose in my mind. The demons of fear start clawing at me. Words like “Logical”, “Sensible”, “Ground-reality” all start to attack me. And I am often tempted to retreat to my safer life.

I do know now that you have to make your dreams come true. 
You have to work hard to realise your dreams.
You must have no doubts about the realisation of your dream.
Surrender your dream to the Divine Universe and it will guide and help you to make it come true.

Above all, have faith in the Divine.

I have just begun to work on my dream…..wish me luck.