O Raadha, where have you been?

All dims sans having thee seen.

Everything here withers away,

And my eyes seek thy way.

My flute forgets all its happiness

Till with your fingers you don’t it bless:

And sings of pangs eternal melodies,

Souring the heart of juvenile breeze.

Now, breathe in it with thy ruby lips,

And joy rekindle with dance of fingertips.

May the sky tinges with azure of thy sincerity,

May hearts of all be red of thy amorous clarity,

May the trees dip in thy faith’s sacred green dye,

May the night blends with the color of thy eye,

May the rivers turn blue with the touch of thy feet,

May the minds of all be pure white as they greet.

O Krishna, does it matter?, if soon you’ll leave,

And my heart forever for thee will grieve.

Raadhe, I before thee take a vow,

O heavens, o gods, listen to me now:

Whenever a devotee to me will pray,

First before my name thine will say,

And this forest of Vrindavan will come alive,

Your and my pious love story’s beehive;

Slowly as they will walk on the path, they’ll see,

Under the shade of that magical tree,

Me, coloring thy face with yellow and red,

And you, painting with all hues my forehead.

To thy laughter will surrender this universe,

And all about our Oneness will converse,

We may seem to the world as duality,

You and I are eternally One in reality.


Happy Holi to all. 

Jai Sri Hari, Satnaam Sri Waheguru.