Holi celebrates the arrival of spring also known as the ‘festival of love’ and ‘festival of colours’. But before Rangoon ki holi  comes Holika dahan.Holika Dahan is to signify the victory of good over evil. Prahllad Maharaj’s father Hiranyakashyap sends demon Holika (who had a boon whereby, she could enter the fire unscathed) to kill Prahllad Maharaj and as she tries to take Prahllad Maharaj with her in the fire she get destroyed in the fire and Prahllad Maharaj comes out of it unharmed taking Sri Hari name.

         With my small intellect what I understand is Holika here signify our inner tendencies (vikaras) which are very difficult to overcome but taking shelter in lotus feet of Bhagawan burning this vikaras can be done.Then comes Holi which signifies ‘festival of love and colour’ after our age old tendencies are burnt down then we truly understand divine love and we can celebrate each day with colour of love.

            I last played holi before 10 years ago after that our family changed to a different address and none of our neighbours played holi nor did I.But here’s how I am going to celebrate Holi this year and in case if you are leaving away from family or out of India you can play too.

First of all I will make some organic colours at home( as you don’t know what they are adding in the market brought products nowadays). 

To make yellow colour mix turmeric to fine grounded rice flour in ratio (1:2).

Red colour:Sun dry and grind hibiscus flowers or rose and mix it again with rice flour.

Pink:Pink rose or any other pink flowers with rice flour.

Blue: Now I don’t have any blue flower in my locality but you can use any blue flower or food colour.Take rice flour, add  food colour and mix it with two teaspoons of water to make a thick paste. Leave it to dry and then blend it in a grinder to use it as a powdered colour. 

And in case if you don’t have time to make them at home you can buy them from a good source. One source that I know is phool they collect used flowers from temple and make incense and gulal with it.

And as again Covid cases are rising in Indian what I am gonna do is to play holi this time with ladoo goplalji at home (if you do deity worship at home then you can also smear bhagawan with colours). 

  Then you can make some delicacies for Prasad and do some bhajan kirtan. And of course you can distribute food to neighbours,homeless people and dogs,cats,cows and all other lovely friends.

This is how I have planned it for this holi please share how you celebrate holi traditionally and how you are gonna celebrate it amidst Covid.

        In case if you’re thinking it’s too early to share post about Holi, I just got a little excited to share this with you all. 

Thank you so much for giving your valuable time and reading . 

Happy Holi 

Happy Thursday


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