My hometown is called Manali. And i live in a village called Old Manali. And this place is great. It doesn’t have anything old despite from the old wooden houses ,temple and culture which is quite offensive to call it old. 😅


This place basically starts from a bridge which connects the Model Town Manali with Old manali. This place is vintage in it’s self. You can feel the energies or the VIBE. As soon as you land you foot over here. 


You will notice alot of foreigners and Indian tourists. My favorite are the foreigners. (Not being bais but they are more clam and responsible for their actions. But always rooms for exceptions) 


You will meet kullvi people wearing pattu for women in the winters with kullvi cap for the men. This place has varitey of festivals of it’s own. Where the main deity is Hadimba devi and Manu Maharaj. Dhungri mela is been celebrated with great deal and devotion. 

Let me tell you we have a festival where we literally uses foul language and i m not joking it’s been said out loud in the street. 


Crazy isn’t it….!  

And would laugh when we hear it, when walking alone on the streets. But, listen to it with our family at night .When they say it as, a holy path to heaven. Understanding the value it adds to our culture. 


Apart from the culture we have cafes where we see life and happy faces. 


In the morning the cafes are clam playing gayatri mantra. At night live music say it all. 

You will find a diversity in living how the tourist and the local get in together. 

It’s beautiful every street and shop has their own aroma. 

This is what makes me a place which is hard to forget and difficult to understand. 

It’s different every day.


Welcome to my home. 🌺