It’s not just an ashram
It is home
In the deep trenches of a valley
Flooded with warm sunlit mazes
Where hope glistens like morning dew
And we lay down on the grass
Full tummies and happy faces
Oh how blessed is this land
How merciful our Beloved

One wishes to stay here forever
The fortunate ones do
But I wonder
Can I not become a little messenger
And carry all the love I gathered here
Like a bee collecting nectar
And spread it all around

And then I wonder some more
And realise
There is no place untouched
By my Mother’s love
She’s everywhere
And everything is Her

So tonight when I gaze up at the sky
I will know
That I am bathed in the same moonlight
As I was when standing there in that garden of love
And here I stand drenched in gratitude

I am home!

For you have blessed me, Mother Divine
Oh Mother of mine…
You have blessed me with a happy life
For now I see You

Now I realise what Home is like
You don’t stay there forever
You carry it in your heart
And then make home wherever you go