These days no one looks at the door

In anticipation of your arrival

You in the bright silk saffron robe

Splendid than a thousand suns ! 


Like a cool breeze 

You whoosh through the devotees

Glance at many

Bestowing grace on all. 


It’s all still the same

March has gone

October has come

Life goes on and on and on.. 


How has this come to pass

600 days and nights alas! 

Where have you gone

My light of lights, my heart of hearts. 


Truth be told, Each day

I feel your invisible presence

In chaos and in peace

In beauty and in Bliss! 


But who my Lord

Upon whom your glance has fell even once,

Hasn’t felt the same

Over and over again. 


Is that enough my Dear! 

Why this forced solitude

Why this feeling then

That you are close yet not near. 


Who am I talking to? 

Is it you or me? 

What difference does it make

You listen all the same. 


Or have you grown fond of

This vacation spirit in us

We come home for 4 days

Then vacate a hundred more.. 


This glimpse that you have shown

Of the Home Eternal,

Why play with us and Grace with your glance,

then mire us in karma and see how we dance! 


Of what use are all the gifts

When the heart’s not in it

Tendencies propel my Lord

But I don’t pretend to be a perfect being. 


Not anymore not anymore

I am sick and tired of make believe

Pretense has eaten me from within

At your doors I stand like a leper. 


You know all I have been

You know all I will be

What’s the fun then to you

To keep me lingering. 


Take me there where I belong

Wherever you are, there I belong. 

Sitting by your feet, those pink divine lotus feet

All I could feel is ‘Home sweet Home’! 


Note: I have stolen the title from the first chapter of ‘A Million Thoughts‘.