I offer my obeisance to you Rev. Sri. Sri. Om Swamiji🙏🕉Much Love and Light🙏🕉🍃

There’s no place like home sweet home❤️

My home is where my beautiful heart is ..

My heart  is where this moment of merging is…

My Heart that  breathes in the potent fire of  eternal rhythm ..

My Heart  that soothes in the bliss of the holy waters within ..

My heart beats that lead me to Him and sets my Soul free..

Yes I am Home❤️🍃

Today I have written a little poetic expression  in respect to every sweet home on earth . The lyrics are in Hindi with English translation. Hope you like it… 

An ode to Home Sweet Home…

आज एक नया दिन में भी मना लूं

अपने घर का अंधेरा खुद ही हटा दूं

आज सुन लूं हर दीवार की फरियाद दिल से

घर के हर पत्थर को आज खुद ही सहला दूँ

Today I celebrate a new day, so let me remove the darkness of my house all by myself,

Let me  listen to the request of every wall with all my heart,

And fondle affectionately every stone of my home …


चादर ओढ़े सोया है जो बिस्तर मेरा

आज खुली हवा का इसको एहसास करा दूं

निरंतर मां की तरह सेवा करता रसोई का चूल्हा मेरा

एक रेशमी धागा और सिंदूर से इसको पूजनीय बना दूँ

My warm bed that sleeps forever tucked covered in sheets everyday,

let me uncover it and allow it to breathe the freedom of fresh air,

My kitchen stove that endlessly and unconditionally serves me like a loving mother,

today let made me worship it sacredly by offering a silk thread and  vermilion to it.


हर बर्तन संजोए बैठा है दास्तान मेरी नई पुरानी

चंद कसीदे प्यालो में भरकर इन पर गंगाजल का छिड़काव बरसा दूँ

मुद्दतों से इक बाप की तरह हर तूफान के प्रभाव से मुझको जो छत समेटे बैठी है

आज हाथ उठाकर नम आंखों से उसका आभार मना दूँ

Every vessel seems to be holding tales of my life old and new

let me sing few lines in their praises and sprinkle holy water on them from the goblets full of joy 

Like a father the roof that has been protecting me from every calamity for years

with my moist eyes let me  spread my arms wide , reach out and thank it gratefully


फर्श रास्ता देता है रोज मेरे पैरों की आहटओं को

आज उसी भूमि देवी मां को नतमस्तक होकर इक दीप जला दूँ

आस लगाए ढूंढती है मुझको कई चीजें मेरे घर की

क्यों ना अपने घर के हर इक कोने को अपना हमराज बना दूँ

The sweet floor of my home that paves way for me and bears the sound of my feet everyday,

Let me today prostrate to the Mother Earth Divine and Light a lamp on her name

Every little thing of my home is looking at me with deep love seeking attention

Let me today hug and acknowledge every corner of my house as my best confidants

आज इक नए दिल के भाव से लौ जला लूं

घर में बसी हर इक चीजों की साँसों को फूल चढ़ा दूँ

With a fresh new joyful feel let me today light a fire lamp with my awakened heart,

Let me today honour the breath of each little thing in my house with offerings of fresh flowers

These Little display boards placed in a home work wonders, do use them 

Much Love and Peace surround you and your  beautiful abode 🙏🦢

Siddhika Umesh