After getting back to Saharanpur Bus Adda, we board an auto back to my Nani’s home. My Nani welcomes us and then, we have lunch. We usually take rest in the evening and then we have tea later along with rusk and matthi. At night, when all of my Nani’s family is sitting together and asking us about our journey, then i readily take the initiative to tell them the whole Haridwar Purana like i have told you guys. For dinner, my Mama usually bring some snacks from outside.¬†

The next day we pack our bags to catch Jan Shatabdi at 4:00 p.m. and say goodbyes to Nani’s family after boarding the train.

Jan Shatabdi Express reaches Ludhiana by at the most 8:00 p.m., we get off from the train and we get going from the station. We immediately book a cab to reach home.

To see your city after any trip outside is a very homely experience. As the same city which looked boring to us just a few days back is now looking very exhilarating.

So, finally we get back to good, old and beautiful Ludhiana that we experience through the open windows of the cab. We then reach our home by cab, i drop my bag and retire to bed.