Honesty is the principle value that not only provide us a strong foundation but also advise us in trusting others on how strong base of truth they are living. A correct physicality with values emerged and having faith in others build powerful operations.


A dishonest tongue and a dishonest mind unable us to find the true potential within ourselves. Our body and mind which are meant to learn though our mistakes and diligent efforts are not able to mature as we keep on choosing the fraudulent paths. Further the routes will not be favored by the forces of nature as the sun, the rivers and the trees are the examples of growth.

Dishonesty is an evil for others too as the ones who cheat are not always rewarded.  World lives on the principle of cooperation where the trust becomes the ultimate aspect of togetherness. People usually look at the path of benedictions for doing the righteous deeds.

So, honesty brings out not only the strength but also increased chances of understanding others in this cooperative system.