This particular post is inspired by the episode MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO BETTER.

This episode begins where Christopher Robbin is searching for Pooh bear and friends for a birthday party. And Pooh bear and friends mistaken that it’s Christopher Robbin’s birthday and all of them are anxious that they didn’t remember his bday and have not arranged a bday gift. They wrap themselves up and think to present themselves to Christopher Robbin when they heard him saying that he has got the best present anybody can have. 

         They are quite broken as they finds Christopher Robbin have already got the best present and they are of no use. Then suddenly Rabbit goes to unwrap the gift while Christopher Robbin is out of his room to check what is the best present. They find it’s a toy monkey. And the toy monkey says he’s the best present any kid can get. Pooh bear and his friends challenge him to prove he is better than them. And the toy monkey do prove he is better in all the skill than Pooh and his friends.

       They are devastated and pack their stuffs and were going to leave Christopher Robbin while Christopher Robbin come searching for them and asks why are they leaving? Piglet says: We want you to have the best Christopher Robbin 

Pooh: And since we’re not the best 

Christopher Robbin: (Giggles) Silly bear. I love you for who you are not what you can do. And Bruno (toy monkey) is a bday present for my friend not for me. 

They are all very happy but now Bruno is sad as he’s gonna be shipped despite being the best present any kid can have and walks into the deep woods. 

They all go and find Bruno and says him they were worried for him. And says he’s also gonna get a friend just like Christopher Robbin and they are gonna be happy ever after. 

    The episode ends where Bruno asks them to wrap himself nicely as he’s gotta bday party to attend and they all help in wrapping Bruno nicely. And our Pooh bear asks if he too can attain the party?

Christopher Robbin asks: Why?

Pooh: Well where there’s a birthday there’s a cake and where there’s a cake there’s a rumbly in my tumbly.

Christopher Robbin: (Giggles) Silly old bear 


1.Love people for who they are not what they can do: Many times we might judge people on what they can offer to us  like they are not compassionate enough, not intelligent enough,not rich enough , not entertaining enough so on and so forth. But enough is enough just shut up mind ( To my former self not to you). I remember while I started spiritual journey I was very judgemental. I used to think Oh this person is not spiritual this one is not compassionate this person is very materialiastic so on so forth. Then I heard Swamiji’s words in one of his video ” Just now that you’ve changed don’t expect the whole world to change” (I don’t remember the exact words) and I used to also used to think I should find some spiritual  Sangha (friends)  then I heard in our dear Swamiji’s another video” Rather than expecting what you can get from others look what you can offer to them” ( Again I don’t remember the exact words). Just try to care for everyone and love everyone. Everyone is good from inside it’s the mind that has made this strange concepts that we look more different than similar.And everyone thinks what they are doing is right and others are wrong.Just try to be in the present moment and take a break from chattering of your mind. Most of the things that your mind says is just conditioned information and nothing. Try to be here and feel the presence of divine everywhere and try to love everyone. And you would be surprised to see the magical powers of love and how it changes everyone.

Love rules the court, the camp, the grove, And men’s below, and saints above :for love is heaven and heaven is love. 

   – Walter Scott

 2. Don’t compare yourself with others: It’s far better to compare yourself with who you’re yesterday than to compare with someday else today. Remember when you are looking at somebody who is better at something than you that means they have practiced thay skill for more prolonged time than you. Just keep your calm and keep working towards your own goal. Remember getting motivated from others success is different than comparing yourself with them.

 These are the lessons learned from this episode.

Happy Sunday

Thanks for reading

 Jay Sri Radhe Shyam 🙏🙏

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