Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” —Winnie-the-Pooh

As mentioned in the previous post to put together the wisdom that I have learned from the classic cartoon Winnie the pooh but then there’s a lot to learn from him so decided to put it in parts. Every part is gonna be inspired by a particular episode of the cartoon.

 The Great Honey Pot Robbery: So today I will elaborate the wisdom of this particular episode. In this particular episode Winnie the pooh and his other friends honey disappears mysteriously. Rabbit and other first suspect Winnie for stealing their honey but soon finds there’s someone else who has been stealing honey from the hundred acres wood. So they decide to find out about that and atlast finds its Heffalaump and woozles who have been stealing their honey.

They rush to catch them and finally find them . But the Heffalaum throws them one by one into air. But brave Roo fights with Heffalaump and the Heffalaump mistakes Roo as a big mice and run taking his other friend with him. But they promise to return again.

      So they return with Wooster (gigantic woozle) this time to steal honey. Rabbit and other friends are busy on how to keep away Wooster from taking their honey but pooh bear is preparing for his brunchfast. Wooster finally reach to Pooh bears home where all honey are hidden. Heffalaump and Woozle says  Wooster to steal the honey and he was going to do so. When Winnie the Pooh asks him: why you want to steal our honey?

Wooster: Eat 

Pooh: But there’s a much better way of eating honey far better than stealing.


Pooh:Ask for it. Friends don’t steal, friends ask. Friendship is even better than honey.

Wooster:You would be friend with Wooster?

Woozle and Heffalaump: (Tries to distract Wooster from not to listen to Pooh and steal their honey)

Wooster: (Picks them up in his giant hand and says he will ask for honey) May we 

Pooh:say please 

Wooster:May we please 

Pooh: Why not( and gives a pot of honey)

Woozle and Heffalaump: Said they will return again and goes.

Wooster and Pooh become friends and enjoys Brunchfast with Piglet,Tigger,Pooh,Owl,Roo,Rabbit and Eeyore.

Lessons to be learnt:

1.To be kind to everyone: Like in this episode Winnie made friend with Wooster whom his other friends ( Rabbit,Tigger,Piglet etc) thought to be cruel,dirty and someone unfit to be a friend. But Winnie just kept his cool and taught a giant Wooster how to be kind. So in similar way we can try to be kind to everyone (good and bad) who knows when we can make a giant Wooster our sweet friend. 

2. Try to understand other person’s situation:Like in this episode Winnie said Wooster there’s a better way to eat honey than stealing. Wooster thought to eat honey the only way was to steal it. But when Winnie said friends ask he learnt from Pooh and asked for it rather than stealing. And in that way they became friends. Similarly in our daily lives many people think to shout,be unkind,hurt others is the only way to live but you can show them a whole new world not only by your words but by your actions.

3. To be open to life and it’s teachings: Like here Wooster listened to Pooh bear and got new friends. But woozle and Heffalaump didn’t. Similarly we must stay open to life and it’s teachings. Try to be aware and listen what life is trying to teach you don’t resist it like Heffalaump and Woozle but instead flow with it like Wooster then you would discover a whole new world. From dingy cave of Woozle to beautiful open forest.

 That’s all that I learnt from this episode. You can watch it  here 

Thanks for reading. 

Happy Sunday

Jay Shri Radhe Shyam