This particular episode is inspired by Find Her Keep Her

This particular episode opens in a strong winter ❄️🥶day of hundred acres wood. There’s strong wind and Rabbit 🐰 as always is being overprotective with his carrots🥕 and asking other friends to help protect his carrots from winter winds. Suddenly there’s some cry for help Rabbit listens and rush immediately to save the little bird who is crying for help. 🐦 They take the bird to rabbits house and discuss who’s gonna take care of little bird on which Rabbit replies he’s the one who’s gonna take care of bird as there’s no one other than him in hundred acres wood who knows about bird better than him.

  Then we see our Rabbit have become totally a mama and caring for the little bird . With time he becomes overattached with little bird and asks the little bird to never leave him and never fly so high. Tigger comes to ask little bird to come play with him. And they goes hopping althroughout the hundred acres wood. Little Bird asks Tigger to hop over a tall tree Tigger does so and the tree breaks from its root .               Tigger and little bird scream for help and Rabbit comes rushing but little bird slips from Triggers hand and falls down. Tigger and Rabbit think little bird is dead but meantime Owl comes and saves the little bird and suggest the little bird should fly to the south. To which Rabbit says Owl to keep his feather out of the matter and says to little bird that flying is nothing fun and he should remember the promise of never leaving Rabbit and always staying with him.

        Rabbit takes little bird to house and reads him story and plays with him but our sweet little bird wants to fly high and keep looking at the sky. Then next days he goes secretly to learn flying where Pooh bear meets him and tells little bird he will help the little bird to learn to fly. Pooh bear and other friends are busy teaching little bird to fly( Pooh bear holds Little bird in his hand and Tigger is holding a stretched rubber band between which Pooh and little bird are standing. Rubber band when released will help them to fly) when Rabbit arrives. Rabbit says that little bird can’t fly to which little bird replies: Rabbit, I just have to fly it means everything to me.

Rabbit:Does it more than I do?

  Tigger tells Rabbit to give little bird a chance to fly on which Rabbit tells to stay away from the matters and to leave the rubber band and snaps it away from Tigger and Rabbit goes down down. Little bird runs down and save Rabbit. Everyone is excited as little bird has finally learned to fly but Rabbit is sad .

 Little bird asks Rabbit to read one last bedtime story but Rabbit says:You don’t need me to read another bedtime story. You don’t need me for anything. ( And leaves the room).

Little bird cry in silence and leave the next day for flying south. Tigger and other friends are there to greet him good bye and gives him present and best wishes and little bird gives everyone hugs, kisses and thanks and asks Pooh bear to say to Rabbit that little bird loves him and will never forget him .

Pooh:I will remember to tell him. Tell him. What was it? ( Thinks)

Little bird is about to fly when Rabbit rushes to bid him goodbye with a carrot that little bird had harvested once and say: I changed my mind. You could fly. Just don’t go away. But the little bird has already left. Rabbit drops the carrot in air and sobs but hears the giggling voice of little bird . Little bird brings the carrot and say:Do you think I would leave without saying goodbye. 

    The scene ends where Pooh bear and Piglet are sitting under tree and discussing about when spring would come as they are eager to meet little bird again .

Pooh: You know Piglet,Sometimes people care too much. I think that’s called love.

Piglet: Ohh. You think we should tell Rabbit .

Lessons :

 1. VALUE THEIR FREEDOM: It often happens whom we love we think they belong to us and they should do what we think is right for them. But in doing so we not only hurt them but also take away their freedom that’s most dear to anyone. Everyone has a right to take their own decisions and choose their own path for life. So if you love someone value their personal space and respect their decisions that they take for their life. 

       When you start to say the other person to always follow you’re words the relationship might turn bitter at certain point like incase of Rabbit and little bird. So make sure to talk it out with the other person and try to find a solution that will work for both. Be humble know that what you think is right for them might be the worst . Like in this case Rabbit thought little bird should always stay with him and should never fly high. But little bird was just meant for flying high.  

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading.

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