This particular episode is inspired by Donkey for a day.

Particular episode begins where our very compassionate Piglet is looking from his window how Eeyore is always very alone looking at sky and always gloomy. He share this with other friends and decides they will cheer up Eeyore. 

        Everybody tries to cheer Eeyore one by one. Pooh bear feeds him a lot of honey 🍯 and apples 🍎. Tigger and Roo teaches him to jump, Owl teaches how to fly, Rabbit teaches him gardening hacks.  

     Meanwhile Piglet is just thinking how great everyone is doing in cheering Eeyore and Eeyore look so happy with them and he being a small uninspired animal don’t have any idea about how to cheer Eeyore. But Eeyore is not at all happy with this and even more gloomy. 

          Finally Piglet comes to Eeyore who’s sitting again looking at the sky and Piglet say him that he look so gloomy sitting here alone and everyone has done a great job cheering him up but he don’t have any idea about how to him cheer up.

  On which Eeyore replies smiling: So that’s what it’s all about.Well I am grateful to you all even if you almost killed me.But I don’t come up here because I am sad I come up here because I am happy.Now let me show you something. Now watch that cloud

And shows him cloud painting( They just sit looking at the sky and imagine different sparks and colours flowing from cloud)

 Now everyone else joins Eeyore and Piglet and watch cloud painting together.

Episode ends where Piglet says: Thank you, thank you for sharing this Eeyore. It made everyone so happy.

Eeyore: Just returning the favour Piglet just returning the favour….

They hug each other and look at the cloud painting together.


1.EVERYBODY HAS THEIR OWN CONCEPT OF HAPPINESS DISCOVER WHAT’S YOUR: Now you see Piglet and other’s thought Eeyore is sad because he is alone and always look at the sky so they tried to make him happy by their definition of happiness but Eeyore didn’t liked it. Eeyore liked being alone and looking at the sky that’s what made him happy. 

           Some people like to socialize some prefer solitude just like some like football while others may prefer chess.There’s nothing wrong in socializing if you like it then you go that’s your truth but there’s nothing wrong in preferring solitude either. Society makes you believe you have to behave in a certain way to be happy and normal and be acceptable.But look around is anyone really happy and content living like this.

      As Swamiji says “discover your own truth only your truth will set you free.”Find your essence and stand for it and leave by it. Most people would leave when you start living life by your own laws but that’s okay keep going either you will attract right people or you will discover the joy of solitude.

That’s all for today.

Happy Sunday

Jay Shri Radhe Shyam 🙏