This post is inspired by the episode A VERY VERY LARGE ANIMAL.


  The episode begins where Christopher Robbin and friends are watching ants using magnifying glasses. Piglet saw some of the ants are carrying away his sausages and he snatched the sausage from the ants meanwhile some crow swa the sausages and snatched it from Piglet and he gets kicked off by the crows.   

             Piglet is despondent and say he is such a tiny little creature that’s why he gets kicked off by everybody and leaves. Meanwhile Pooh bear have got an idea to make Piglet be a little more hopeful. While Piglet is sleeping Pooh and other friends go and fit two large wooden blocks in his feet and puts up specs made up off magnifying glasses and leaves. Next day everyone arrives and say never had they seen such a large Piglet. Piglet is also happy as he’s now so big and everything seems so small infront of him untill the crows come and mess the situation again.

                 Piglet has packed his stuffs and is all set to leave hundred acres wood Pooh,Tigger tries to stop him but he says: Good is just to go away so that you don’t have to waste your time on me. I am just to small to be around.

           Piglet is now walking all alone away from the hundred acres wood talking to himself of how small he is when he saw some ants struggling to get some berries he handed them the berries and walked again. Next he found some ants trying to get a fruit he helps them with that and walks away again. Meanwhile Pooh bear hosts a welcome back Piglet party and waits for his best friend to return.

          Piglet meets a spider causing trouble to an ant he helps the ant and moves away again thinking he is just a waste of space. Piglet is sitting alone when groups of ants come to thank him for helping along with a cake. Piglet is surprised and say:You don’t need to thank me for helping you . I only did it because you are also very very small. And and well you are very very small aren’t you? 

  Pooh bear and friends are waiting for Piglet to return meanwhile Piglet comes back . Everyone is excited to see him back . Rabbit and Tigger asks him what changed his mind to return as he is still same in size. Piglet replied: Yes I am. I did finally realised something.( Opens up his palm and let the ants down in the table) . There’s small there’s very small there’s very very small, and it really doesn’t matter which you are.

Pooh: That’s right Piglet even if you are smaller than small you have the biggest heart around.

 The episode end where Rabbit serves a piece of cake to the groups of ants and everyone merrily sings: WELCOME HOME PIGLET


1. HAVE A BIG HEART NO MATTER HOW SMALL YOU ARE: Piglet wasn’t big in size but he still helped the ants many a times. Similarly no matter how small we are how small our contribution to the world is its important to do it with great love. We can’t feed the entire world that’s okay but we can feed 1 people. Can’t plant 1 million trees but can we do just one. Can’t fight with Raavn that’s okay can we just help that one kid being bullied. Can’t make the whole world smile but can we make the person next to us smile. And as Mother Teresa says: 

 It’s not how much you do but how much love you put into what you do that counts.


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