This post is inspired by the  MAGIC EARMUFFS.


   Particular episode begins where Christopher Robbin is going out to skate and his mother says him to take his earmuffs as he can’t skate without it. Christopher and other friends are practicing skating. Meanwhile Roo joins and suggest everyone to play ice hockey. They divides the team to start playing but Piglet says he have to go to mow his lawn.

            They start playing meanwhile Pooh bear see Piglet hiding in a tree branch and goes their to ask him that why he’s here . To which Piglet replies: Because I can’t skate.

        Pooh tell this to Christopher Robbin that Piglet can’t skate and he feels terribly ashamed. To which Christopher Robbin replies: Don’t worry Piglet. We will teach you. 

They all try to help Piglet to learn skating but despite everybody’s effort Piglet still can’t skate. Then wise Pooh bear gives an idea to Christopher Robbin that maybe he could give his earmuffs to Piglet. Christopher Robbin give his earmuffs to Piglet and says these earmuffs are magic. Piglet now can skate and practicing in a small pond.

         Meanwhile Pooh and other friends take off their skating shoes and plan to leave for home but Pooh bear saw a honey pot and jumped to the ice to get it other friends also jumped their to help him get out of the ice but the ice broke and carried them all downstream towards the waterfall. They all shouted for help Piglet heard it and came to their rescue. 

                    But while saving them his earmuffs fell down to the stream and he said:”If I want to skate I have to get those earmuffs. ” And rushed to get back his earmuffs. But Pooh said: “aren’t you skating now “

But it’s too late and Piglet reaches to the cliff end of the waterfall but finally somehow manages to get out of their . The episode ends where Piglet is practicing skating and Rabbit says: You see Piglet you never needed those earmuffs. 

Tigger: All you needed was a little practice

Pooh: And a little confidence 



Don’t go skating without skating shoes .( Just kidding )


 1. WHAT YOU NEED IS A LITTLE CONFIDENCE: Remember when you feel terrible as Piglet when you are not good at a skill all you need to remind yourself is “All you need is s little practice and a little confidence.” Infact the more time you have practiced the skill the more prepared you are the more confident you would be. 

   2. HELP YOUR FRIENDS IN A SKILL YOU ARE GOOD AT: Just like Christopher Robbin and other friends helped little Piglet learn skating we can also help our friend in a skill they want to learn without making fun of them. Many people just don’t try something new wondering what people are gonna say, how thay will react and so on and so forth. So if you have a friend like Piglet who is terribly ashamed as he can’t skate you can be Christopher Robbin for him and say: Don’t worry Piglet. We will teach you.


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Jay Shri Radhe Shyam 🙏