Jai Sri Hari everyone. 

When we grow up, we realise the importance of good values that our parents taught us as kids.

My mother always told me two things- “don’t make promises and if you do, honour them” and “be transparent in your monetary dealing with others and even if you have committed one rupee, do pay else you will have to come back to this earth to pay that debt”.

A recent experience reaffirmed my faith in these lines.


Two years ago, we took our car for servicing in Haldwani (Uttarakhand) as there was some serious issue with one of the major parts. Many rats had actually attacked our car and damaged the car’s wiring, some technical things in the engine and seat covers.

The service centre people told us that everything can be managed except one part, which needs to be ordered from Ghaziabad (NCR) especially for our car as it will be an original equipment. For that they needed us to confirm that we will pay for it and then only it will be ordered.

We asked for the approximate price and said yes. He agreed and said it will come in 2 weeks’ time.

As that part was not affecting the basic functioning of our car, we came back. Few days later we happened to travel to Bhowali and out of nowhere we tried to check the local car market and found out that we can get the same car at at almost half the price.

We jumped at the offer and got it done.

Current scenario:

When we came back recently from Delhi to Uttarakhand, we found out that our car was in a bad shape as rats once again attacked the car and damaged almost everything. We immediately took it to the Haldwani service centre and found out that all the wiring was badly damaged, except the rear lights and engine start.

The centre head said you are lucky that you drove till here without any problem as due to all the damage, a short circuit could have taken place any moment.

Now comes the interesting part. The same car motor thing, that we had got for a lesser price was too damaged. The service centre person said that, as last time you didn’t come to collect it, we returned it to our warehouse and we need to check if they have sent it back to the dealer in Ghaziabad or not.

And with grace, when he called the warehouse, he found out that due to some ignorance, it was still lying up there as it is and could not be sent back. The service centre person immediately asked for it to be delivered urgently.

We were so relived to get that part and it took almost 9 hours only to replace and repair the wirings and that special part.

What intrigued me the most was that as we had promised to pay for that part 2 years ago, we were made to pay for it in 2022. Nothing goes unnoticed in this vast universe.

And then I realised the power of the wisdom passed by mom to me many years ago.

I request everyone, that try your best to fulfill the commitments you make else sooner or later you will have the consequences of not sticking to your words.