In the darkness I summon
your name to be my guiding light.

In the loneliness I summon
your divine form to be my companion.

I cry and call upon your name
and you come rushing forth
in my songs and in my tears.

In numbness you give my emotions a voice,

And in chaos you usher silence.

Is it me who calls you?
Or am I being pulled towards you
through this invisible thread of hope..

Is it the light that illumines my path,
or the darkness which has given way to light?

Is it your companionship that befriends me,
or the loneliness that created divine space.

My steaming cup of tea could only fill me up for so long.

You helped me tilt it over,
and sit up straight
so you could empty me of all bitterness

And filled up the emptiness with your grace.

The dark deserted lonely path, which led me to You, is now my greatest escape!