It’s been a week Chachu is not well and has been hospitalized. The man in his life of 83 years have never been hospitalized or fell ill.
One person in our family whom we never heard of is ill, one person who was always there for people and relatives when any one of us was ill.
Must say we are a big fat family with nine brothers and sisters my dad had and on an average every sibling had two kids that makes 18 of us as first cousins. And there was not a year when some one or the other was ill and hospitalized and he was the one who made it clear that he will visit them in hospital everyday. (Out of 9 siblings 6 lived in same city) and being capital of the state (Shimla) in case of emergency all used to visit IGMC.
Now present time, at the age of 83 this handsome hunk of our family who was always present in every function and now being hospitalized, a few questions come in my mind
1. What is life
2. Is this body of flesh and bone the reality
3. Are we immortal
4. How strong is attachment
5. Is everything going to be ok always
6. What is the end.
7. Is money all we need
8. What is important self or relations
9. What if more important money or satisfaction.
10. What is the key to happiness 

These questions are never ending still want to ponder on these and need to find some answers to get the secret of life.