I have no words to praise 

Your grandeur 

Your kind heart 

and grace 

that falls upon me 

on dark dreary days …

A humble being 

yet I’ve dared to dream

of unseen unknown love 

the songs,

eternity seems to hymn…

Within I’m well aware 

that I’m far far away 

on a distant land

where You won’t 

care to drop a gaze…

Yet the hearts stuck 

on the pathway 

that leads Your way..

At times, I try to sober 

the child

that hides  in me 

throws tantrums 

lies on the floor 

swept clean…

What can a mother do 

If not pray 

to the Lord 

for her child’s silly silly dream…

Helpless even hopeless 

she could be 

But for the tinkle 

shinny twinkle 

In the eyes of her toddler 

she walks 

each day at Your altar 

kneels unto Thee… 

O Dear Lord 

I am the Mother 

I am also the child 

with no one around 

not a dry petal 

nor a drop of water 

who but You could 

turn this life 


Each day I  loose


yet for that innocent smile 

Of the softness inside 

I plead

not knowing 

how to pray 

like cows left to graze 

I look at You 


that one day, You’ll know all that I wish to say… 

alight from Your abode

and gather me 

in Your gentle and subtle ways 

journey me 

from un-known 

make me Your  own… 

All glories to my Divine Master and magnanimous Shri Hari ji!! 🌸🙇‍♀️