As Bharat and i visited 4 different marriage sights ,a Gujrati ,marathi ,sindhi and Parsee one i could feel the diverse indian culture and how Mumbai the one metro which had people of all states ,stratas and cultures settled working hard for their lively hood ,since my purpose was to learn how Bombay ice cream devision works ,Bharat made me visit most ice cream distribution sights who supplied dry ice packed thermocol boxes to the wedding sights with ice cream, it was different in Delhi ,our institutional sales were from the c.f.a ( clearing and forwarding agent) since the distributors used to get direct and immideate profits, so they took more interest and worked hard in approaching marriage caterers to replace prevlant local natural ice creams with fresh fruit with branded Kwality walls! This was a good learning and i thought i ll apply it in my Delhi operations , Bharat was making me travel with him from one venue to another in over flowing local trains ,it was too much of not so pleasant an experience with so many stairs to climb up and people caged like experimental mice together in train dibbaaas ,but this was Bombay culture with too far away places and too expensive public transport! Each marriage we went to as company executives to check ice cream storage and proper temperature maintainance, the hosts were generous enough to offer us snacks and food ! I had that nights dinner planned with my boss s friend Rsm( regional sales manager) Mr Lehari,all bombay team and me at Aaswaad Maharashtrian cousine restaurant, it was 10.30 pm till we got free and the responsibile Rsm ensured i take a taxi to Ymca ,to be dropped safely ,since Bharat lived on other side of city in Viley Parley ,i just could say bye to him as much as i said it to 11 other mumbai team members! As i reached Ymca ,there was no sleep in my eyes ,new city ,lone in guest house ,first time without parents and all ghost stories played on my head ,at 12 midnight my room phone rang to lay me half frozen and half dead,the reception man said mam call for u ,All thoughts flashed in my brain from my parents well being to some goon following me to Sanjay, I said hello, it was Bharat..
Soee nahi? He asked with warmth care ,concern and affection! Neend nahi aa rahi ,feeling not to comfortable said i ,keep talking to me he said and for 3 hours i think we talked about families, foods we liked, our hobbies ,our bosses irtitation and our aspirations! I dont know when i slept and woke up with a knock at 8am from housekeeping with a Mumbai daily ,as i reached the common bufet hall ,a Fresh ,shampoo haired Bharat was waiting for me already with a freshly plucked red rose…Good morning he said handingme the flowerwith an infectioussmile! Today we ll go to hotel Taj and i ll make you meet the food and baverages head chef there said he! How would day 2 be at happening Mumbai..
Keep glued inn friends!