Have you ever noticed that most of the times, when we ask someone, “How are You?”, we hardly wait for the answer or to say we don’t actually care for the answer which would come forth and we carry forward our conversation to the point we intended to start it at the first place. Likewise when somebody asks us the same question, he also follows the same pattern. 

It’s not that we ignore the answer intentionally or consciously. It just happens because we are so immersed with self that we just don’t want to hear what other one is speaking or want to speak which doesn’t matter to us. We like to listen to only those answers which matter to us. I think most of us will agree to this if we are not in self denial. 

Before writing this blog, I randomly went through my conversations and to be honest, I found the same pattern. Invariably, there is another question or message after the ‘How Are You’ question without waiting for its answer irrespective of whether I asked it or somebody else asked it to me. You can also try this experiment by going in your chat boxes or your memory lanes. 

If you have also found the same pattern, the questions arises that is it so because we are self centered and self obsessed??? Is it so that we don’t have that much empathy and compassion which we talk about? Or is it just our human nature?

Hope, now onwards, we will try to wait for the answer to the question…..