The ultimate goal of our lives is self-realization or in other words, making enquiries about our real identity.  It also means liberation from the material bondage that we have in this materialistic life. 

The fact is we are all simply in the middle of an ocean and struggling for our existence. The waves keep on tossing and we are unable to control anything. 

So, how to get out of it?

How can our soul return back home? 2

The only solution is through the consciousness of the Lord, complete devotional service to him, and through building an eternal connection. 

The attachment to this materialistic life acts as a roadblock for a person to attain liberation.

The only process or way out through which we can free our souls and return to our source – is through God’s consciousness. 

How can our soul return back home? 3

Therefore, the knowledge of self is the source of liberation. Finding peace and happiness within through surrender to Lord can help us attain liberation. 

Remember that, 

Self -realization must become a synonym of life itself.



Dr. Chitvan.


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