Dear Beautiful OS Family ❤️, this article is a great reminder to myself. I have to keep reminding myself why I cannot afford to buy a car yet. Without further ado:

Getting straight to the point, new, reconditioned or secondhand. A new car, just like any other purchase, is the second major investment after a house or third if you count your tertiary education. You might buy any kitchen appliance, get some issues with it, call the warranty company and if nothing more, you could just throw it away and buy a new one. A new car however in Mauritius, will cost you between Rs 475,000 (City Cars) up to Rs.1.5 million for a decent family car. Anything above that would be pure luxury.

Agree or not, a car is just a toy with practical conveniences. You will eventually sell it for another in five or maybe ten years. On the other hand, Reconditioned cars come with low risks. Reconditioned cars generally cost something close to 70% to 90% rate of the same model of new car; 70% if you’re lucky enough. Secondhand cars however are all high-risk. Unless you know a great deal about cars or you can have someone who is well versed with the mechanics of cars, buying a secondhand car is incredibly risky. It is like a secondhand TV, repairing it once and you have to keep pouring money into it. 

So should you get a car?

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