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We are here to understand how self confidence is in someway related to discipline.

Before moving to the answer we need to understand one basic charactericstics of human brain –

Our brain works as a predictive model. So it can only think or depend on the thoughts and impressions it has carried in the past which is classified as memory.

Now where does the self confidence come?

Lets assume you have decided to practice music 30 minutes today in the evening. Now your brain is ready for it. When the time comes you procrastinate and delay it. As per the above explanation you brain comes to a conclusion that brain is free or it has a freedom of “ not acting by the decision” . Now your self plays a part where you act on your decision. Your self must be bored or lazy to act that time but if you miss to take action you build “confidence” on the brain’s freedom. 

Now with the help of proper discipline your brain is trained otherwise. It knows that if the brain has made any decisions it will act on it. That makes a person create confidence in him and whatever he do.

Here we see how discipline and self confidence are two sides of a coin.

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