Vayu, the God of Winds, He who carries sound and the breath, the pranas, the father of Agni, the God of Fire, was in the mood for love. He roamed about, sometimes as a breeze and sometimes a hurricane, when his passion boiled over. One day, Vayu was blowing purple mists over the green hills of the mountain Mandara, when he spied an apsara, a heavenly nymph, cursed by her lord, Brhaspati-Jupiter, to take a birth as a monkey-girl.

This monkey-girl, known as Anjana, could assume any form, and when alone in the mountains, she reverted to a beauty unequaled among mortals. Unfortunately, despite a very amorous life with her monkey husband, she had no children.” “Vayu was enchanted and circling her invisibly, he blew away her garments, embraced her, and impregnated her.

Anjana cried out in shame, demanding to know who had violated her. Vayu whispered first in one ear then in the other that he meant her no harm, but had entered her with his thought. He told her that she would bear a son, whose powers would have no limit.” “Hanuman was born to Anjana in a nearby cave and his birth freed her from Brhaspati-Jupiter’s curse, so that she was able to leave the world and her monkey child and live in the devalok, the world of the Gods, in her apsara-nymph form.

Jai Bajrang Bali