The Effect of COVID on  School Cricket

Over the past two years, COVID-19 has had a profound effect on the amount of cricket that had been played.                                                                                

My personal school cricket season of 2021 was affected very badly due to COVID-19, this is mainly because in school if one person gets COVID, they would send the majority of the class/year home to self isolate, this means that the schools were hesitant to make fixtures with other schools in the area, and even if they did get fixtures, it would most likely be cancelled due to the lack of players from one of the teams. In the case that we did get a match to play, one of the teams would be playing with a disadvantage due to the fact that players were self isolating.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 In my school season:   

  • 4 out of 7 fixed Matches were played
  • 3  of those were played without the best team due to self isolation
  • 3 were cancelled due to COVID

This continuous cycle of fixtures being decided then cancelled caused a wave of disappointment in me and the others in my school team, along with my coach, part of this was because we were on a good winning streak, set to win the league but all our efforts were to no avail as the season ended and the final could not be played even though our team coach had tried hard to set the fixture as we were confident we could beat the other team. The only consolation to the disappointing school cricket season of 2021 was that it was better than the season of 2020, Where 0 cricket matches were played and 0 Training sessions were held due to the lockdown.

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