पञ्चैतानि महाबाहो कारणानि निबोध मे |
साङ् ख्ये कृतान्ते प्रोक्तानि सिद्धये सर्वकर्मणाम् ||

अधिष्ठानं तथा कर्ता करणं च पृथग्विधम् |
विविधाश्च पृथक्चेष्टा दैवं चैवात्र पञ्चमम् ||

Bhagavad Gita, 18.13, 14


O mighty-armed Arjuna, learn from Me of the five factors, which bring about the accomplishment of all action. These are declared in sankhya philosophy to be the place of action (body), the doer (performer), the various senses (resources), the many kinds of efforts (endeavour), and finally Divine Grace – These are the 5 factors of action.

In other words, as per Swamiji, the accomplishment of any action (karma) depends on 5 factors:

1.. One’s Support (place of action i.e. body and/or environment),

2.. One’s Attitude (of doer/performer),

3.. One’s Resources (various senses),

4.. One’s Effort (endeavour),

5.. And finally, By Divine Grace (Supersoul).

Basically, 80% One’s Own Action (Free Will)

& 20% Divine Grace (Destiny)

Using the above 5 pointer checklist (not in any particular order) of the ‘Shrimad Bhagavad Gita’, allow me to share with you, how I accomplished the action of writing my first virgin book which became a #1 Amazon Best seller?!

You ready?! Let’s Explore!! 

1.. One’s Attitude –

“Once upon a time, two salesmen woke up one morning and there was a storm going on.

One of them looks out of the window and sees the storm and says: “Wow, what a storm! With weather like this, they can’t expect you go out there and make any sales”.

He stays home.

The same morning the other salesman looks out his window, sees the same storm and says:

“Wow, what a storm! With weather like this, what a great day to go out and make sales, most probably everybody is going to stay home. Especially all the salesmen”.  

(Courtesy – Jim Rohn)

In the book, ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’, Dr Frankl summarises that everything can be taken away from a person except one thing. That one thing is the power to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstances.

“In other words, ‘Attitude’ can also be defined as one’s perception / lenses, through which one sees ‘Reality’; adds meaning (interpretation) and/or possibility to it.”

– Willbur Glenn Colaco 
Realtor, Author, & Speaker

This word ‘Attitude’ is also quite synonymous with the Sanskrit word ‘Bhav’, which can further be translated to sentiments, feelings, affinity, awareness, absorption, spiritual attitude of immersing one’s thoughts of the Divine etc.

My ‘Attitude’ whilst writing this book was not to be a bestseller, to make money or serve the ego of achievement etc.

My ‘Attitude’ whilst writing this book was purely of ‘Love, Service & Surrender’.

LOVE: Leaving a guiding conversation (in form of a book) dedicated to my daughter ‘Mairaa’, who may hold this book and its wisdom close to her heart remembering the memories & legacy of her father (who one day may not be around physically on this beautiful blue planet).

SERVICE: Bringing value to all those who seek grace and guidance in their daily lives by implementing ancient wisdom, philosophy, and teachings through beautiful quotes, stories, and workable psychological exercises. I further went the extra mile to provide paid learned NLP tools and strategies in the book, where you can learn how to close the gap between your thoughts and actions, between your heart and mind, between where you are and where you want to be.

SURRENDER: Having lost my whole transcript in 2017 (story for another time), this second attempt of re-writing this whole book (after Mairaa was born) was 100% dedicated to my Guru ‘Om Swami’. I surrendered to His grace the same way as Arjuna to Krishna. The only difference was that I didn’t and couldn’t ask (stupid) questions like Arjuna (just jocking).

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that,
a human being can alter his life, by altering his attitude.”

– William James (1842 – 1910)
American Psychologist & Philosopher

2.. One’s Resources –

In the summer of 1999, I vividly remember walking into the air-conditioned library aka bookstore called ‘Crossword’ launched in my beautiful city of Baroda. Escaping the heat and tuition classes, there was no better place to be. And this is where the journey and ‘Resources’ of my ‘Personal Development’ began.

“48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene, was the very first book I had purchased as a birthday gift (for myself), for Rs. 395. It was with my scavenging hard-earned pocket money (collecting 1 Rupee notes, literally hundreds of them & 50 paise (cents) coins). You can imagine the look on the cashier’s face. 😛 

I still have this copy with me and it is one of my most treasured books (including the Srimad Bhagwad Gita), that I bought from India with me, when I immigrated to Australia on 9th August 2004.

My ‘Resources’ for the book ‘Drops of Wisdom’, consisted of over 2 decades worth of studying personal development materials, authors and attending seminars of Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Jordan Belfort, Robin Sharma, Robert Cialdini, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Wayne Dyer, Stephen Covey, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Tim Ferris, Shiv Khera, Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy, Tai Lopez, etc., as well as extracts from many spiritual books including the Srimad Bhagavat Gita, The Bible, The Mahabharata, The Srimad Bhagavatam, Vishnupuran, Sukyo Mahikari teachings, Buddhism, Osho’s lectures, and ofcourse our beloved Om Swamiji’s videos, blogs & books etc.

Not to forget, my very own life lessons, experiences, extensive travels and journey of various ups and downs, of hardships and majestic leisures, of friendships, faith, and fatherhood. A journey from a rupee to a dollar, from a migrant to a citizen, from a boy to a man.

Being a loyal Libran, my earnest endeavour and attempt, in this book ‘Drops of Wisdom’ was to balance, amalgamate and marry the ancient wisdom of eastern spiritual mysticism with modern psychology of the western personal development mindset through my explorative journey.

I also felt that there was no need for me to reinvent the wheel. Wiser words by more brilliant people have been written before me, and the same will continue after me. However, what if I could extract some curious cues, some powerful principles and some inspiring insights from both sides of the coin so that anybody can successfully apply some sacred ancient wisdom and positive mindset psychology in today’s turbulent times?

Just as there are plenty of pathways of flowing rivers that merge into the sea, plenty of pathways to climb the pinnacle of a humongous mountain and plenty of pathways via various religions, philosophies and spiritual practices to reach the same ‘Source’; This book ‘Drops of Wisdom’ expresses and shares my pathway, my experience, and my truth with you.

“Employ your time in improving yourself,

by other men’s writing, so that you shall gain easily,

what others have laboured hard for.”

– Socrates (399 – 470 BC)
Greek Philosopher, Scholar, & Teacher

3.. One’s Effort –

Having read “48 Laws of Power” and many other self-help books during my schooling and graduation, I plunged intensely into studying personal development, various religions & faiths, attending seminars worldwide, reading countless books on various subjects, writing infinite notes, blogs, and assignments (including 2 x Master Degrees & Scientific Reports as an Environmental Scientist etc.) as well as collecting over five thousand classical quotes/sayings for over 2 decades of my life.

At one point of time, in 2016, I felt an innate urge to structure and succinctly atomize this Herculean Himalayan knowledge of ‘Spirituality’ and ‘Personal Development’ into a few potent drops (chapters) of wisdom.

The first attempt of writing this manuscript took over 2 years (2016 to 2018) and ironically, I lost all of my work (including my original transcript) due to a computer glitch. There was no way to recover anything from the infamous Apple desktop. It was like a death penalty to me as a writer. See a screenshot below of my ardent cry for help on Facebook with over 57 comments of suggestions.

After this incident, I gave up the pen (keyboard) of writing, as Life took over (i.e., Bodybuilding competitions, Property Developments, Marriage, Wife’s Fellowship exams, new born Child to a Career Change etc.)

It was only in September 2021, where a raging urge to write this book, took over me and I decisively took immediate action in taking long service leave from work and locked myself up in a studio apartment which belonged to our family friend Anita who is also Nani to little Mairaa. It is there where I spent 16 – 20 hours or more of intense, continuous and crazy writing for 3 weeks in a row.

My effort of writing during those 3 weeks, was hyper focused, super intense, and almost extreme like. I didn’t care about sleeping, eating or even using the loo for many hours and days together.

Swamiji mentions in one of his YouTube videos that how Einstein experienced this raging urge to pen down all this cyclonic storm of ideas that erupted in his head for 3 weeks or 3 months in a row and that basically accounted for almost 85% of his works including the relativity theory.

I am nowhere near or relatively even close to Einstein and his experience, but I can certainly put my hands on my heart and share that those 3 weeks were nothing less than a cyclonic storm of ideas, materials and writings being poured into a manuscript with extreme focus, devotion and surrender, almost like an intense sincere ‘Sadhana’.

And the best part during this intense sincere ‘Sadhana of Writing’ was having the वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय: गणेश मंत्र (Vakratunda Mahakaya Ganesh Mantra) in Swamiji’s voice play continuously in the background.

Instead of having Beethoven music to enhance my brain waves, what better music than Swamiji’s voice and chants?! Isn’t it?

I would often fall asleep numerous times writing on my study desk, with the above mantra being continuously played in the background, giving my subconscious mind, a divine chanting treat!

It sometimes strongly felt that this book and its words of wisdom, were written under the umbrella of Swamiji’s grace and guidance. I may have been the instrument (flute), but the air was certainly blown by His Divine Grace.

This factor of intense effort, brings me back to an important aspect of the Srimad Bhagwad Gita, that even the mighty-armed Arjuna who had Krishna (Godhead) Himself seated as his charioteer, still had to perform, to act and to execute his own intense efforts (karma), in fighting the war.

As the saying goes, God helps those, who help themselves

is quite apt in this scenario & life, isn’t it?

4.. One’s Support –

“Support yourself and Heaven will support you” – Senegalese Proverb

My heavenly support consisted of the following:

My Guru ‘Om Swami’, whose compassionate grace, affectionate smile, & wise words of wisdom have accompanied me during this book-writing journey, & who always inspires me to be a better person each day, spiritually, mentally, & physically.

My mother ‘Marie Colaco’, who stayed with us and looked after little Mairaa fulltime, as my wife was busy working over 12-hour shifts at the Emergency Department. This gave me the opportunity to move away from Dad/Mum duties, and focus solely on writing for these 3 weeks in order to produce this destined book.

My wife, Dr. Mahima, who has been a patron supporter of my life goals & vision. She has always given me brilliants ideas, suggestions, and advice encouraging me to pursue my goals. She is the pillar and rock of our family.

My family friend ‘Nani Anita’, who offered me her studio apartment office space to write, relentlessly, for over eighteen hours a day, at times. It was in this ‘Sacred Space’ that I was able to effortlessly unfold most of my writings in this book.

My book mentor ‘Emily Gowor’, who assisted me in producing & manifesting this dream of writing my book into reality. My heart knows no bounds of gratitude.

My book editor ‘Shekar Yadav’ who spend relentlessly tiring hours together, even with the time difference (India/Australia), to ensure the book layout (even though non-conventional) was as close as to my vision. If you love the way, the book is presented, all credit goes to Shekar.

My photo designers and artists ‘Adnan Thana & Navyaa Taneja’, who designed, drew and painted the most beautiful pictures in the book including the dedication pic of Mairaa, Swamiji’s photos as well as all the perfect picturesque for each chapter from Vision, Faith, Perception, Master Mind Mentor, Leader, Time, Decision to Action, Forgiveness, Happiness, Gratitude to Wise Words of Wisdom.

My book printing manager ‘Margarita De Gennaro’, from Openbook Howden, a South Australian printing company, who ensured that the book is of the most pristine quality in terms of paper selection, coloured images, hard cover, bookmarks, printing etc. A full 5/5 to her customer service, price and delivery.

My Amazon Publicist ‘Kate Stead’ who helped me set up my manuscript on Amazon.com as well as establish it in proper categories to ensure the book is visible to a larger audience online. Without Kate, I would have been lost. She was a God-send Angel.

My marketing team ‘Jyotsna Ramachandran & Sushmitha Naroor’, who ensured that my book was not lost in the noise of a thousand books online and it surfaced to the right audience and categories on Amazon. They were instrumental in making my book an Amazon Bestseller.

And finally, the support of all the mentors, teachers, & guides on whose shoulders I stand, sharing the essence of my life’s experience, humble knowledge, & wisdom to the world.

5.. Divine Grace –

‘A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words’.

It was indeed Divine arrangement, blessings, and grace that I was able to submit my 1st DRAFT copy of the book to Swamiji himself, via a chain of commands, at Towrang in July 2022 during my initiation. More about this experience in my previous blog ‘Blessed Beyond Belief’ here.

As you may see the 1st DRAFT copy in Swamiji’s divine hands is quite different as compared to the updated final version available in the market place. Maybe it was meant to be! A special copy for Swamiji, signed by me on behalf of Mairaa, seeking Swamiji’s blessings.

My journey as a kid falling in love with Shiva to finding Swamiji is shared in these 3 x blogs. Feel free to read them at your convenience. Part 1 here ; Part 2 here ; & Part 3 here.

And if time permits, feel free to read this beautiful blog called “Dreams of Om Swami“. If you have ever dreamt of Swamiji, I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy the read!

End of the day, keeping my hands on my heart, I can truly say whilst writing this book, I had surrendered to Swamiji’s grace the same way as Arjuna to Krishna. Call it miracle or co-incidence, I strongly feel that this book and its words of wisdom, were written under the umbrella of Swamiji’s grace and guidance. I may have been the instrument (flute), but the air was certainly blown by His Divine Grace.


In summary, this is how I became an Amazon Bestseller?!

I simply focused on the 4 factors that were in my realm of action (karma). That is, having the right attitude, doing my absolute best with intense efforts as well as having efficient resources along with strong support systems.

Additionally, I did not worry about the results of my actions (karma). I did my best in each of the 4 factors and totally surrendered every factor to Him.

Ultimately being blessed by the 5th factor – His Divine Grace!

Once upon a time, as the reverent Rumi said, “Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”

This has been my myth, my story, my journey.

Go embark on yours.

Till we meet again, until next time.

With sincere love, respect, and gratitude!

Willbur Glenn Colaco


Thank you for giving me your time in reading this blog, which is more valuable than the price you may pay for this book.

If interested, the book ‘Drops of Wisdom’ is available in Kindle and Black & White version on Amazon:

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Thank you all.

Ending this blog, with the mantra, my little angel Mairaa say’s each night before sleeping.

Jai Sri Hari, Jai Om Swami, Har Har Mahadev!