I became Jaya Om without even knowing about what was in store for me later part of my life.

It was year 2011, recession had just hit the IT and other auxiliary industries, we just relocated to Singapore.  I had just closed down my company which had 125 employees / 3 branches across India.  I had completely broken down inside because it was not easy for me to do it, the company which I built brick by brick.  It was called J.K Management Consultants then.  So, I had my own set of emotional challenges and I kept asking the divine the reason for me to be in Singapore, which actually was not making sense then.  We got relocated, spent just 18 months, and returned to Bangalore to our old house.  I kept fighting with divine and kept demanding that the reason why I got uprooted from Bangalore to got planted in Singapore has to be executed on a fast track.  I was not getting any clear signals then as to why I moved there.

My daughter was 6 years then I used to take her to BalVihar classes which was conducted by Chinmaya Mission in the nearby Condo next to Costo Rhu where we were residing.  One of those days, the organisers  planned a picnic and we the mothers were supposed put some plays and activities together.  The event went on well and to mark the memory of that event, we were all given key chains with our names engraved on it.

Everyone was handed over the key chain which was a small wooden square with a metal clip around, it had the first name one side and last name on the other side of that person.  Literally everyone had their first name and last engraved in the key chain handed over to them, only my name was different.  Can you guess the name in the keychain? Yes, you guessed it right 😊 on one side it said Jaya and the other side it was OM instead of Kumar, yes you heard it right it was written OM.  I had not met Swamiji then and I didn’t know anything about what was in store for me but I was already renamed 😊.  The organizer felt very embarrassed for the mistake and I said, its ok, it was not their fault and I don’t have any issues.  I had that keychain till now.  Somewhere down the lane, it went to the background since I did not know the significance.  I was cleaning my place during the lockdown last year, found this keychain, and only then I realized that I was on a fast track..  from my Singapore days the preparations had started ….  All Glories to HIM 🙂🙏🙇‍♀️