Life always gives us opportunities to look beyond oneself and find that space within oneself in the process of exploration. I was given a lead of a NGO by name Cankids by a friend in Chennai and I fixed an appointment to meet the kids with cancer on the day of Diwali and share some organic sweets with them.

I met those 16 families and their children during the lunch time and shared the sweet which i bought for them .As they finished their lunch, one 4 year old came to me and said “Happy Diwali” and that lit my heart and face and all the kids came and wished me later. I came home happily with a few observations and feeling so good but my heart went on for more, I found they were cooking in aluminium vessels and in my subsequent conversations with the coordinator I told them very subtly and politely about my observation and the coordinator was more than happy to receive this input from me and told me he has to come up with changes needed for this home every year and since it was year end of 2021 he can include my suggestion to replace the vessels to steel.

I again came up with a request if I can conduct short relaxation meditation techniques for the parents who are caregivers since they are very traumatized and needed help, the coordinator obliged and I then started a small meditation sessions with the parents on Zoom . I started my session with a small prayer song and they all sang so well and opened up, I got a positive feedback saying the parents loved the session and they felt very relaxed.

A parent also expressed “how it is to feel light and not disturbed at heart” which is the meaning of one line from the prayer song. Something happened at that moment as I found my Personal Moments of  Truth(PMOT) as I name it. These are spaces of love where one is filled with true joy and gratitude and that’s when I realized I found my Ikigai.

I helped Cankids find 2 sponsors from US who are my friends and these singing and meditation sessions helps the parents and me as a individual.

I close with this ” Where there is a greatest need, there is a greater opportunity to Serve”.

Love and Light,

In Gratitude always.