Can a single tree growing all by itself in a park have a positive impact on our life?


Absolutely, as I discovered from my own experience.


Can you find such a wish fulfilling tree in your own city, wherever you happen to live?


Absolutely, if you approach the tree with humility, respect and faith. Such trees exist everywhere.


My wife was totally stressed out after a few months of living in Ottawa, Canada and it started affecting her health. Previously, we had lived in Anchorage, Alaska for a few years. We led a very quiet life, there as our world revolved around my wife, myself and our teen-aged daughter. We had very few friends in this remote location. The winters were harsh and brutally long. Yet, we survived and stayed fit.


In Canada, we were surrounded by relatives, mostly from my wife’s side of the family. There were two brothers, their spouses and her own mother. In addition, a nephew from India stayed at our house as he had just got admission in a Canadian university. To top it all, my son, who was also in the university, fell in love with a fellow student and wanted to get married immediately.


My wife had a very hard time coping with all these changes and accommodating everyone’s needs and desires. We had a full house with no domestic help; my wife gave up her dreams of having a job in Canada.


Ultimately, her health broke down; she developed irritable bowel syndrome and she would pass blood with her stools for days on end. She had to take very strong medication to stop this bleeding, but somehow, we survived. We walked a lot, and this helped.


One day, we drove to a scenic place in Ottawa, called Dow’s Lake Park. We saw a tall, majestic tree right at the entrance to the park. To our untrained eyes, it looked like a cedar tree. My wife had just read a book about cedars growing in the Russian countryside with magical healing properties. We decided to give it a try; we both went to the tree and touched it with our hands. We could both feel a strong healing energy entering our system from the palms of our hands.


My wife felt much better the next day. We visited the tree again and again to experience this healing energy. Her stomach problem went into remission. There was no magic wand; the problem did not disappear completely, but it became manageable with regular medication. Her life simply turned around with the magic healing properties of this tree.


We discovered other magical properties of this tree as time went by. Shortly after their marriage, my son and his wife moved to their own house. At one point in time, they bought a new house, with the intention of selling the old one very quickly. However, the old house did not sell so easily, and they could not afford two mortgage payments.


Just before the situation became desperate, we to took them to our magical tree. They hugged the tree for a while and, within a week their old house got sold.


This magical tree became our go-to place for handling life’s problems and getting a bit of divine grace. We even told our friends and family about it, but it didn’t work the same for everybody. We went there once with a couple of family members who were too knowledgeable about everything under the sun.


They looked at the tree and said it was not a cedar. They expounded at length about cedar trees, what they looked and what kind of nourishment they needed. They had all the facts at their fingertips but no emotional understanding. Besides, they disturbed the serenity of the park with their discussions. The tree did not do anything for them, it refused to help them in any way.


My wife and I didn’t really care whether it was a cedar tree or not. We didn’t care what soil it needed or what its leaves should look like. It was just a wish-fulfilling tree for us, and we felt emotionally attached to it. It was our faith that made the tree so powerful for us.


It is said that Gautam Buddha meditated under the Bodhisattva tree until he gained enlightened. The Bodhisattva is considered a very sacred tree in the Buddhist tradition. I wonder if the tree was sacred, as a pre-existing condition, or did Buddha’s meditation make it sacred.  I am more inclined towards the second theory.


A piece of stone becomes an idol under the craftsman’s hand. We make it sacred by offering it our prayers. It becomes even more sacred if kept inside a temple with a priest in attendance, performing the proper rituals every day.


If a piece of stone can become so powerful, just imagine how much more power can reside in a living tree.


My friends, find a tree close to where you live, or even in your backyard, and approach it with great reverence. Touch it and feel the energy pulsating inside. Experience this energy in your own body and it will become your wish-fulfilling tree and your protector in facing all of life’s challenges.