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After my meltdown in the backyard, I felt a strong urge to meditate and connect with the Divine as I walked inside the house. That was an alien and strange thought for me. The last time I meditated was when I was eight years old. I don’t remember the exact year, to be honest, but it was a long time for sure.

I was surprised by my thought. I googled “meditation” (can you believe it? I had to google Meditation! lol) and found one beautiful guided meditation by Lorie Ladd. Her reflection on meditation differed from what I had learned at the Ramakrishna Math (Ashram).

Guess what? I sobbed the entire meditation. The process was painful, but I felt light and loved after it was done. I felt calm and happy. Somehow, I realized what I wanted (not crying, duh!). I just wanted to be loved. I slept well that night. The following day, I continued researching on google for meditation, spirituality, etc. One of the talks by Kat Fowler (love her) mentioned writing a letter to your angels and telling them what you want in life. I thought I was missing a soul mate, and that would bring me happiness; it’s a win-win situation. I was desperate enough, so I thought, “what not”! So, I wrote a letter –

Letter to my Angels. 

“My dear Angels,
 …. Bla Bla Bla…(much boring and non-important stuff)…
 He is handsome, tall, and a happy person. He is wealthy financially and spiritually. Funny, kind, and loving. He is in my age range and with no drama in his life. He has successful children who are not dependent on him. He is a successful, rich businessman ready to share the experience of spirituality and inner light. He is super smart, well-educated, well-traveled, and very attractive. He takes care of his body and is in excellent shape. He loves to travel and experience new things. He has no bad addictions. He loves me very much. He loves animals. I love him. Please, my angels, contact his angels and tell them about me. Please arrange our meeting as he is ready too. The universe is ready; arrange our reunion here on this earth now. We both need each other to evolve to our maximum capacity together.
 Thank you so much, my angels; I await your reply.
 Much love, Sona

As I finished writing this letter (are you done laughing yet?), I was shocked by my thoughts. I am neither a spiritual person nor looking for any light toward enlightenment. Why did I write this? It was too late; my thoughts were already out in the universe. As long as I get that successful, handsome dude, I was ok with the arrangement.

By now, I think you all know where my life story is going…. Most of us have met this handsome dude I was describing to my angels. I wrote this letter on Oct 7, 2021, at 11:48 pm.

Hello handsome!

The next day, in a google search, one of the meditation videos was very interesting and informative. This monk in the video was highly charismatic, handsome, and had a bright aura. I watched that video, then continued with another video… and my bench-watching went on for more than 4–5 hours. His name was Om Swami. Who is this, Swami? How come his name is just Om? Why is it not Swami Om, like Swami Vivekananda? His name confused me, but I clearly understood the message in his videos. I liked what he was saying, his voice, knowledge, and looks (come on, whom I am kidding!). Om Swami seemed very handsome.

I started watching his YouTube channel. I couldn’t stop. One week went by, and on the 13th of October, I watched the most beautiful and divine video of Om Swami, “The Vision of the Goddess.” Now, I was thoroughly inspired and started meditating three times a day. I downloaded the Black Lotus app before I knew it and became a member of Somehow in my heart, I knew Om Swami was no stranger to me, but how was that possible?

I ordered his book “If Truth Be Told: A Monk’s Memoir” from Amazon on the 21st of October. I thought it might take three/four days to come. But the book was at my doorstep early the next morning. The book is published in Coppell, TX, 20 minutes from home. I was in the puzzle, and till the day, I couldn’t solve it.

I had forgotten about “the letter” to my angels by now.

I was on role… I had to get to know Om Swami and his teachings to the core. Now he was no more just a handsome dude to me. He was the one I was waiting for; I knew him in this life and beyond. There was nothing but immense respect and love for him in my heart. That same week with all my heart, I wrote “What do I want” in my notes (sent it out in the universe):

1. Visit Om Swami

2. Receive Diksha from Om Swami

3. Om Swami is my Guru, and he has accepted me

4. Focus on Meditation and Sadhana next two years……

PS: So that you know, this blog was not written to offend anyone’s feelings. There is no hiding or pretending from my side. I am sorry for hurting your feelings by telling my truth.

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