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By the time I arrived at the Sri Badrika Ashram, it was almost more than 40 plus hours without sleep or rest. Somehow, no matter how long the travel is I am always full of energy when I reach ashram. In the office I met Basudev ji, we exchanged pleasant conversation, he said Namita ji doesn’t work in the office anymore as she has a different duty. He assigned my stay at the dorm this time. I was bit worried and hesitant to be in the dorm with 30 plus other women and share a common rest area, but I was so glad, I was in the ashram. He said I can take the bed number 4. A cozy bunk bed with a window in the back. I kept my bags and sat on the bed. I was all settled. Now what?

I wasn’t sure what to expect at Nav Durga Sadhana, all I knew I am going to be with my Guruji for next 11 days! I decided to introduce myself to a few other girls who were situated close to my bed. There were two girls sitting, talking to each other, they looked very young and so skinny! My gosh! These girls now a days, don’t eat food. They both were just cutest little thing. I went up to them and said hi! One of the girls was a bit quite or maybe she wasn’t supposed to talk? But then she did say her name was Deepa and other the tiny girl with frameless glasses was Ria.

I am not sure what I said but I am sure I talked a lot. My phone had no signal and was practically dead to use there, I was telling them, how hard it is for me to get any signal, here in Ashram. There was no service from T-Mobile, due to mountains, plus they don’t have any partner/providers in this area. I said “I need to get Wi-Fi code, so I can send my daughter a text, that I have reached safe here”. They both wanted to help me, but they didn’t know Wi-Fi passwords from ashram. They both looked concerned. I told them not to worry, I will get Wi-Fi signal for sure, and as I turned my phone on, there it was! I got the Wi-Fi connection. No one could figure it out, which server was it coming from, and how did my phone know the password. It was a strong secure connection. Later I found out that this connection works only in the dorm and at the Sri Hari Ji’s temple. I accepted the Laxman Maryada Rekha that Sri Hari ji created for me for my Wi-Fi signal.

Girls were surprised to see, a strong secured connection of Wi-Fi, right after I said, I will get the connection for sure. Magic? I don’t believe in magic, all I know, that Sri Hari ji and Guruji is watching over all of us, everything around us is the blessing. They take care of all their children here; I am nobody special.

Now, that my phone was ready, I texted my loved ones letting them know, I reached safe, and then I texted Kirti ji, my gorgeous friend and perfect roommate from my last visit. Fortunately, she had some free time from her work, so we decided to meet. It was a joyous meeting, were seeing each other after so many months (well, just 3 months actually, but never the less), and had so much to share. She told me that, she is getting an opportunity, to stay in Ashram for next 6 months, and do seva plus, she can manage her office work from ashram. This was her dream come true (I am sure praying, convincing and loads of begging to Guruji and Sri Hari ji’s feet, must have paid a major part as well). This indeed was the best news; I was super happy for her. Later on, she had to go back to work, so I decided to head back to my dorm room and rest.