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In the dorm the girl next me on the left side of my bed was a very quiet one. I didn’t know her name for almost a week. She had long thick hair, big beautiful eyes and most kind but bit lonely smile. She must be in her 20’s, close to my son’s age. She knew she is at the right place, where she belongs, but still so was so lost. We just use to smile at each other, when our eyes use to meet, or I use to write a note and keep it on her bed, if I needed her plug point to use, for charging my computer. She would read my note, nod yes with a smile. That’s it! That use be our connection. Somehow, we both understood each other, and were quite happy with our arrangements. Plus, in my mind I would think, it is bit challenging to get connected with this new generation. We didn’t try to introduce to each other, nor formal talk was involved, matter a fact, there was no talk at all.

She was my buddy in crime to wake up last, around 4:30 am, we both use to rush to take a shower. She would go her way, and I would go mine. Sometimes, when everyone was almost ready, I use to check, if my neighbor is still in the bed. If yes, then I would not rush, if she is about to get up, I would get up carpe diem. Around end of the week or so, one day I casually asked her how she was doing. And from nowhere came the flow of thousand words! She started talking, it was all in Hindi. No matter how much I can praised myself, about how good my Hindi is, I was struggling to collect all the right words, to put it in the sentence for her. I speak English in US, Marathi with my Pune family and friends, and Hindi was limited to Bollywood and my high school subject, that was almost 1000 years ago. I can understand Hindi well, but when it comes to talk pure authentic Hindi, it is a struggle. But I was trying my best, as I wanted to make her feel comfortable, and of course, otherwise, when I am going get a chance to show off my Hindi language skills? It was all good.

I found out that her name is Pallavi. What a beautiful name, arrival of spring or new beginning. Nature at its best! She opened her heart to me that day, she had so many questions, and I wasn’t sure if I was the right person to answer them all. I guess, she knew the answers already, but was validating them with me. And I was happy to do that for her. She was so fragile, I wanted to give her a big hug, and protect her from this big bad wolf world. Now we were connected socially and emotionally. She would go in to deep meditation unknowingly, and didn’t know how to come out of it. She was worried about her being quiet, and her urge to avoid people all the time. I felt as her consciousness is getting the awareness, she was a live a female deity to me. And at the same time, she reminded me, myself when I was young. I was as confused as she is now. I would get into deep bhava (emotional state), would avoid people and had a very gentle personality.

One evening we planned to visit River Giri, but didn’t work out as I got busy and delayed in the meeting with Vikram ji. I asked her several times to join me for a lunch or dinner but she used to avoid it. She was not comfortable in a big group. My quite buddy was happy in her world, and I was happy for her.

The last day at the ashram; I was saying goodbyes to everyone. I was looking for Pallavi ji and saw her in the temple. She was meditating, I didn’t want to disturb her, but couldn’t leave without saying goodbye either. I looked at Bhagwan Sri Hari Ji, and looked back at her. My rule is not to ask Bhagwan Sri Hari Ji or Guruji for any personal favors. They are not here to do my work, on the contrary, my existence is to serve them. As I looked at her, she opened her eyes. Very loving and gently we said our goodbye’s. She hugged me tight and said and whispered “I love you; I love you; I love you so much”. I accepted and gave her all my love. The feeling was beyond heartwarming. With teary eyes we parted from each other, but now we have found a lifetime bond between us. Bhagwan Sri Hari Ji added, one more child in my arms. I was humbled and touched, how lovingly she opened her heart and accepted me in her life.

I remember, one day I dragged her to go for a little shopping with me to get some soap bars from another devotee’s room. It was interesting to find out that devotees were running their side business in ashram. I was happy to support them and bought 5 different bars of soaps that day. She did the same. We had a fabulous time together. That day was our second last day at ashram, Deepa ji walked in with bunch of soap bars and started giving away to everyone. I got one too, it was nice one. We all asked her, where did she get it from, she gave us the information. So, that’s when, I grabbed Pallavi ji and headed out. I am glad she came. A young girl opened the door, when we knocked, and welcomed us inside. And her mother was standing behind her. I was surprisingly shocked! Sri Hari Ji….

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