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There was the mother of that girl, standing right behind her. I was thrilled to see her; she is a caretaker (mommy) of baby Bhagwan Krishna and Balram ji. She has an adorable little statue of Bhagwan Krishna and Balram ji. We helped babysit them with Deepa ji few days back at the temple and had so much fun. She is also the same devotee; I had an interesting interaction with, on the 2nd or 3rd day of yajna. Well, it goes like this…

That day, I forgot to get my red asana (sitting cover), when I ran down at the Yajna Shala to claim my best seat. I decided not to head back to the room. For my asana, I decided to use my red shawl. Perfect solution! I was happy about my clever choice. I can solve any problem in the world, easy posy! Slowly, the devotees were walking in, and getting settled. I had Kirti ji sitting in front of me, and one lady behind me. After a while, lady behind me, tapped my shoulder twice and very softly said “Your bra is showing”. She caught me by surprised.

· First point, Living in US, I am not familiar to the gesture of someone touching you or tapping you for an attention. Usually, it starts with “Excuse me!”

· Second point, no one cares, if your Bra belt is visible. It’s no one’s business. Individual privacy is respected. In fact, women wear bra of an opposite color of the outfit or a lace bra to enhance the outfit.

I said to her in my normal tone “What? My bra is showing?” She was embarrassed, because I didn’t whisper the word bra! Very politely, she asked me to talk in my lower tone (like a proper lady would), apparently it was a very sensitive subject for her. For me, it was just a part of clothing. I understood her dilemma, and replied softly, “Its ok, if my bra is showing”. She was sitting behind me, I didn’t see her facial expressions, but I thought this should be fine.

There was nothing I could do, to avoid her discomfort. Even If I push my bra belt inside, I would show at some point again. The interaction died right there. After few mins or so I thought, I should do something to ease her comfort level, and perhaps there may be a few other feels the same around me? I thought I could cover myself with the red shawl but then, I won’t have a red asana for yajna! That is not ok at all. I couldn’t dishonor Devi ma. It was a big dilemma for me! Should I cover my bra belt with my red shawl, and make people feel comfortable around me, by honoring their social norms, or should I sit on the red shawl, and honor Devi ma? But again, Devi ma lives in everyone so this lady is a Devi ma as well, and so is everyone around me.

Now, my comfort level started shaking! My facial expression changing rapidly, and I had a feeling that, my unfaithful tears, are going to show up. I was telling myself not to, but you all know how non trustworthy my tears are. Just before that I saw Namita ji, she smiled at me, with so much love, and asked me if I am Ok. I told her my issue (by this time, it has accelerated to an ISSUE!), she said she has something for me. She went in the back and got me the most the beautiful red asana, with a golden border. She handed it to me and said, “Here, this is for you. It is Sri Hari’s asana”. I couldn’t accept it, knowing Sri Hari use this red asana for himself, and it belongs to him. I wasn’t worthy enough to touch it, forget about sitting on it! No Way!
With a biggest smile she said “It is here because Sri Hari wants you to have it, so just accept it”.

I didn’t know what to say! I was delighted, I took it in my hand, and kissed it so many times. Apologized to Bhagwan Sri Hari ji for using his asana. I covered myself with my red shawl, now I was sitting on Bhagwan Sri Hari’s very own red asana for Yajna.

After few days, that devotee saw me outside the temple. She said she was very sorry, about what she said to me the other day, she shouldn’t have done that. I hugged her big and said “No, please don’t be sorry, because of you, I have received the best gift from Bhagwan Sri Hari ji directly. Actually, I am in your debt, I want to thank you”.

Did I receive Bhagwan Sri Hari ‘s gift because of her concern or did Bhagwan Sri Hari ji wanted me to have a gift so he brought her in my life?

Later, Bhagwan ji gave me a chance, to purchase soaps from her and paid my debt with loads of thank you and love. Now the circle is complete.

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