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Per my fabulous plan, I have a one full year to work on my meditation and get ready to meet Om Swami ji. But I guess, Swami ji, didn’t agreed with my plan. He had something different and much better in his mind. That same month in October 2021, my younger brother visited my dad in Pune, India. When my brother returned back to US, he suggested I should go visit my dad as he was not doing well.

I had no Indian visa unlike my brother who carries OCI card, Indian government wasn’t allowing visitor’s visa due to Covid-19, plus my daughter was planning to be in Dallas for Thanksgiving week (3rd week of November). I told my brother, maybe I will visit Dad next year or when Indian visa opens up in the future. Plus, I had no desire to be in the plane with 300 other people when Covid-19 was strongly still roaming around. I was not in a position to purchase the business/first-class ticket to minimize the contact with people in the plane (lame excuse not to visit India).

Anyhow, Somewhere I read that one should meditate in the woods or near water. So, I started meditating in my backyards, we have a gorgeous swimming pool with cute little fountain and Jacuzzi with gazebo and behind the pool is a creek with loads of trees. I would face east to meditate (read somewhere about that as well!). Emptying my thoughts was not a struggle, as I would completely get soaked into Swami ji voice on Black Lotus app meditation. One day I had a vision of Swamiji standing In front of me in my backyards, he puts his right hand on my head, smiles at me and disappears, the feeling was so calm and happy.

After that vision few other times, I saw myself in the Ashram. Standing there, looking at the river Giri and the majestic mountains. Even though, I have never been to that place, I could see everything so clearly, and vividly. The rocks, trees, the dirt on the road. I was literally standing there.

My most favorite one is, where I am sitting at the feet of the Divine Ma, there is water fall on the right-hand side. Ma is smiling and caressing my hair with love. Om Swami ji comes and take my hand and before I know, we both are flying up in the sky. He takes me to show our galaxy and other many million galaxies. I don’t want to come down but then he gently brings me back in my body.

Technically my rational mind understands that I was meditating every time when I had these experiences, and this is just my imagination playing with my thoughts. I was very pleased with my imagination. Well! Little did I know! Something was changing me inside for sure.

Back to reality, my brother, again asked me to reconsider my decision, as Indian government opened up 30-day e-visa starting from 15th of November. My daughter called me around same time and said she would like to visit her friend at thanksgiving instead of coming to Dallas. Now suddenly my November opened up. I started looking for tickets to India, but they were so expensive!! I wasn’t ready to pay $6000 for one ticket. My kind brother offered me his miles to purchase the ticket on American airlines, and I thought I should give it a try. Sadly, AA don’t fly to Mumbai. “Oh Well! I tried, maybe next year” I said to myself. I needed that one year to get ready for Om Swami visit. I wanted to show Swamiji that I am a dedicated person, who does meditation every day and has knowledge of Vedanta and a person who is well read! This way, he will accept me as his disciple immediately. My ego and confidence were in full charge. Was I trying impress him or impress myself? What a silly plan that was!

But as we all know, when the instructions come from up there, no one can do anything about it. Somehow, I was force to check with AA and found out that I can fly in to Delhi on FF miles. I thought “Ok, why in the world I would fly to Delhi? I need to be in Mumbai and from there to Pune to be with my dad”. Last time I was in Delhi was more than 12 – 15 years ago for a vacation. But then I thought, from Delhi to Pune is not a long flight. I should try that option regardless. I applied for a e-visa and within 10 hours, I got my 30 days e-visa. I got my 1st class/business class flight booked to Delhi form Dallas. Whoo hoo!!! Also, my brother and his family graciously agreed to take care of Albie (our 10-year-old golden retriever) for a month. Before I know, I was ready to fly visit my dad via Delhi!

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