1. As Maa Sri devi has guided us to write about https://os.me/short-stories/the-practice-of-satsang/, would like to narrate ,my tale( burning 🔥 tail like my brother Hanumanji). With my foolish expectations of a picture perffect Bolywood romantic marriage full of surprises, trips ,outings and Melodious company ,I was in a very ignorant and sad mental state 7 years back.To find a solution to my self created misssery Partys I tried astrologers,tarot card readers ,Karmik healers and Even upaayas as wearing gem stone or donating food or going to Shani temple etc or keeping honey dipped chitts under bed . ( thank God ants dint bite the ones with name on them). During one such Karmic healing session ,the healer asked me to attend a Satsang at Chattarpur Prerna school of inspiration. Till then I had never heard the name Satsang, my parents once in a while ( once in 10 years ) might have got hawan done or I might have had panjeeri( prsaad) from some neighborhood house s Satya Narayan Katha or poorn maasi  but I was unaware of the term satsang .I went on the next Saturday to Chhatarpur where Maa Aarti Khosla( she was a direct disciple to Yukteshwar Giri jee and co brother of Param hans Yoganandaji  in Last life) used to conduct a 1.5 hour Satsang each Saturday from 11.30 am to 1 pm. MAA was extremely strict on no talking among seekers aswell exchanging each other’s personal names or information because she considered its breaking from conditioning and judging and seeing each others clothes or jewelry or knowing what we do or where we stay,We  ll loose the purpose of discovering our real self but again be busy with our artificial/ ego self. There was not a single Penny charged and we were usually 40 people at the white marble hall with pictures of Kriya yog lineage on back of Maa s Seat.While climbing the stairs to Satsang hall was Arjun and Sri Krishna s poster in battle field he knealing with his eyes in vishaad and hands joined asking prsaaad of Satsang ( Geeta) from the Lord himself. As I went inside Maa opened her Red Diary and narrated how Gurudev came in her meditation and told her to tell us about steadfastness.She told about 5 horses in Arjun s chariot as our 5 senses.Maa only gave Satsang In English and as a rule we had to write each word so that we contemplated on each word following days to come prepared next week.Either her English was beyond me,or the knowledge beyond my intellect or I was too tired (  relaxed during Satsang) ,I kept sleeping during the whole Satsang .I was sitting in front of Maa.I never knew weather I would attend the Satsang again. ( I attended it without fail 3 years on each Saturday). This was my short story of first Satsang I ever attended/ slept inn