Jai Shri Radhey Shyama 
Jai Shri Hari
I offer my devotion in the lotus feet of my Gurudev.

So today I was thinking what to share here. In actual its bit confusing what should I share a thought or an experience? I got thought and I decided that I will write on that. But as always when I’m writing I’m writing my experience not that thought.

As Swami ji says we should share the experience as it is without adding our imagination, so I’m following that.

One day in February 2020, I visited a temple(I’ll not disclose the name). There a Mata Ji a pure soul lives. I got Devi’s darshan daily but never got chance to talk to her Bhakt who is there. One day I went to that temple after giving my last mid semester exam. So it was around 06:00 pm. I reached the temple and as any usual day I offered my devotion to Amma and after that aarti starts. I participated in aarti. After that rather then going back to my hostel I decided to stay there for some time. I got a an intense feeling of having talk with Maa Ji. We call them Maa Ji. Aarti ended around 07:30 pm and I stayed there, looking on the face of deity just sharing my feelings with Amma. And its 08:30 then I’m feeling nervous and sad as Maa Ji is not coming out of her room. I was about to cry. Suddenly I hear the pleasing sound of anklets and what I see, I see Maa Ji is in front of me. I touched her feet instead of giving me blessing she did pranam to me return. Such a humble soul(Bhakt) she is. Then she took me inside one room in temple. There we had a talk. And I was getting vibrations I’ll say strong ones continuously generally this at some specific place and in the company of some great personalities. And I told her that I’m not able to find my Gurudev. I cried in front of her and I said Maa Ji why I’m not getting my Gurudev. Then she simply said these words, I’m writing those words as it is,: “बेटा गुरु तो मिल जाएंगे लेकिन उन गुरु के मिलने के लिए तुम्हें अच्छा शिष्य पहले बनना होगा”. That day I felt that I’m not a good disciple that’s why my Gurudev is not giving me his darshan. From that day I just changed myself, and I was calling my Gurudev from the heart with having tears in eyes. You would not believe I got my Gurudev in March 2020 itself. That’s how one can meet his Gurudev. Gurudev is not coming because may be we are not ready to be his disciple, he is always ready to accept us. I canit say that I’m a good disciple but I’m trying to improve myself.

One story I’ll share:

There was a princess, having a luxurious life in palace, she came to hear the importance of Gurudev and she desperately started to search her Gurudev. Once a thief came to know that she is searching for Gurudev. One day that thief came to Princess’s room in the guise of a sanyasi and he told her that I came to know you are calling me, he said I’m your Guru. Pure hearted Princess fell down in his feet and she says: Gurudev what I have to do. The thief in the guise of Sanyasi said: You came to this place with all your jewelry. Next day Princess came to that place with all the jewelry. That thief took all the jewelry and he tied princess with tree by using and he said that: you should not open this rope until I came. Seven days went she was waiting there. Her father the king came and when he tried to open her rope she strictly refused them and she said that only Gurudev will open. But the thief left the city on the same day so its almost impossible to find him. What this made? This made Gobind to come. Gobind with his  Bhakt Narad came and says I’ll open your rope. The purpose of Guru is just to introduce jeev to me. So I’m here now you can leave this stubbornness. But princess again refused and says: Only Gurudev can cut this bandhan. See what a confidence person gets when he follows Guru’s words. Although I’m not saying one should do same as princess. It’s not possible in this time. But one can learn from each incidence and story. So Gobind gives Narad order: bring her Guru here. Narad came along with that thief who is Guru. And then the princess said: “गुरु गोबिंद दोऊ खड़े काके लागूं पांव | बलिहारी इन सतगुरु की जिन गोबिंद लिए मिलाए||”

That’s why I said that we should try to be a good disciple instead of just searching of Guru. Because becoming a good disciple is one of the difficult thing. That supreme power is in every one and he is monitoring us every time. So when we try our best to be a good disciple the Gurudev will accept us.

Please forgive me if I hurt someone feelings.
Jai Shri Radhey Shyam…
Jai Shri Hari…

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