Every soul wants to be happy. They do something to be joyful. But doing something with joy, and doing something to be joyful are worlds apart. Does doing something joyful really make us happy? May be for sometime.  Very often the joy associated with an action dissipates as the action gets over. It results in friction. We think about the joy in doing something but worry about sustaining the joy in doing it. We get satiated even with the actions that we enjoy the most. Why is it so? Because joy is not an action. It is a state of being. The world do something to be joyful, and more often than not, we miserably fail because we think about the result rather than enjoying the process itself. When the result is not joyful it is natural to develop a disdain for the action. This may be the reason why people try something different to be happy. The story repeats in endless circles.

When joy is not a prerogative in itself. Then there is no need to worry about an action and its result. On the contrary,  we get enough time to be thankful about the great joy of life we already have. Very naturally we tent to become thankful for everything… Without our least knowledge, joy dawns over us with such intensity that we have no clue why it is so.

I got my driving license many years after clearing my ‘drum and slope’ test in Oman. Every morning when I start the engine of my car to my work place, I bow my head in revernce to my lord envoking his blessings. As I reach the destination safely, tears flow down in joy. I feel as if he has been guiding me all the way. I sometimes bow down to kiss the steering in thanking the lord. 

 If there is something good in our action, it is the opportunity that we create to remember the lord that really counts. Those moments of thanks giving and gratitude is a greater source of happiness than a deliberate action intented to result in happiness.