I came to know about Swamiji in October/November 2019. I found this site and began reading his posts. Never did I think in my wildest dreams that it would become a hub of meaningful blogs from people coming from diverse backgrounds.

In May 2020 I think Swamiji opened this site for everyone to write on and soon started the Karma program. In September 2020 I wrote my first post here. Since then I have written more than a hundred posts here, some good and some not so good I think. But what’s most wonderful is that I started earning not only for writing blogs but also for all kinds of meaningful interactions with others’ posts.

I write, read and comment only sometimes during a month; not that frequent yet I still manage to earn around a thousand rupees a month. I have earned around twenty-two thousand rupees on os.me till date and I can’t begin to tell you how it has empowered me as a student and as a human.

With this money, I was able to buy a new phone! I was able to buy books with my own earnings and also able to help others monetarily although meagerly which helped me to inculcate the habit of kindness and donation. I made it a point to donate ten-fifteen percent of all the money I earned towards donations to people who really need it. In fact, I have used my parents’ money too towards donations and they support me.

Today itself, I met a monk who asked me for a lift. I was happy to help but was unsure whether we were going towards the same path or not. He said he knows a path that will both take us to our destination, so I happily took him along. He said,”Mai pareshan jaroor hun, par mai aapko bhatkaunga nahi.” So, I naturally asked him what happened to him and why is he bothered, and soon our discussions on spirituality and his life started.

He renounced the world in 1990, lived for a long time in Shanti Kunj Haridwar and if I heard correctly was initiated by Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya Ji also of whom Swamiji fondly gives a reference when he talks about Gayatri mantra. When I reached his stop he asked me for some money. I carry some money daily to college, so I gave him a hundred rupees which were left in my purse. Happy to help forever. Whenever I get an opportunity to help, I feel like a baby superhero apprenticed by Swamiji, because this feeling is really that empowering !:)

os.me has helped me earn, learn, inculcate the habit of helping and donating, showed me the value of empathy and gratitude, and also healed me from all my misgivings and traumatic past impressions. 

I am eternally thankful for this place to exist! I hope many more, as they join this forum, keep reading and writing here, find their solace and contentment, heal and grow, and earn! Jai Sri Hari!