चलता रहता हूँ अपनी ही धुन में –
ना खुद की खबर है,
ना औरो की|
ना जीने की चाहत है,
ना मौत का इंतज़ार|
क्यूँकि घमंडी हूँ मैं|

ना आँखो में आँसू हैं,
ना होंठो पें हँसी|
कुछ खोया भी है,
कुछ पाया भी है|
कभी जीता भी है,
कभी हारा भी है|
फिर भी कुछ समझ ना आया|
क्यूँकि घमंडी हूँ मैं|

भागता ही रहता हूँ,
सुबह हो या शाम|
सोचता ही रहता हूँ,
दिन हो या रात|
थक-सा जाता हूँ इस भागदौड़ से,
फिर भी दौड़ता हूँ|
क्यूँकि घमंडी हूँ मैं|

आग को जलते भी देखा,
बुझते भी देखा|
पानी को बरसते भी देखा,
बहते भी देखा|
हवा को बादलों में,
और बादलों को
पानी में बदलते भी देखा|
इंसान को शैतान,
और शैतान को भगवान
बनते भी देखा|
बचपन से जवानी,
जवानी से बुढ़ापे को
आते भी देखा|
फिर भी कुछ समझ ना आया|
क्यूँकि घमंडी हूँ मैं|

सूरज को उगते भी देखा,
डूबते भी देखा|
सुबह को रात,
रात को दिन
होते भी देखा|
लोगो को गिरते भी देखा,
बिखरते भी देखा|
मुर्दों को जलते भी देखा|
राख को बहते भी देखा|
देखी हर सच्चाई|
फिर भी कुछ समझ ना आया|
क्यूँकि घमंडी हूँ मैं|

I wrote this poem around 5 to 6 years back…when I had a completely different mindset and now I have a completely different mindset,and till date I couldn’t find any platform where I could share this but because of swamji now I have the beautiful space to share what I feel…thank you ❤️ Swamiji ❤️..

This poem is based on my own experience as well as whatever life I saw around me based on that too,and I wanted to share what was and what is my perspective on this poem.you are free to read and find your own meaning that’s your freedom but as an author,writer or poet whats on my mind I think so it’s important for all the readers to know.so let’s get started…🤗

As you go through the lines you ll find that we all see everything ups and down, happiness, depression,hurt, healing,joy,misery,love,hate,life and death, nature shows us every color of life to awaken us from within, whatever is needed either a blessing or a curse to awaken our true nature but as usual we fail to awaken or even we fail to walk the path of awakening.

“EGO” the constant one in our life,tell us always to just do something,run,run and just keep running,don’t slow down,don’t relax, don’t understand just run..

We have always heard that ego is bad it’s so and so but what I have come to understand is how much ego we must have is important to know for protecting ourselves and our family and  our loved ones..that much ego is important,if you have an  ego like “RAVAN”then it’s a problem but if you have an ego like “SRI RAM” to protect yourself ,your family, your kingdom that much ego is important.

Just like an idol maker when he makes a statue it’s important for him to hit with the right force and pressure and at the right place if he does that properly will have an idol of god where all the heads will bow down but if the same stone is hit with the wrong force and the pressure the same stone which has the capability of becoming god will break down into just the pieces of stone.The same goes for our ego if we hit it with the right force at the right place at the right time then will also become god from nar to “Narayan” but if the same ego is hit with the wrong force,then we will also just break into different emotions and personalities not realising our true nature. So its important for us to know how,when,where and what place to hit(ego) so that it slowly slowly  disappears and what will remain is the ultimate “EMPTINESS”..

So this is what I wanted to share with everyone here may divine grace always be with everyone….and thank you snigdha for converting this from Hinglish to hindi.🕉️🙏🤗

LOVE and LIGHT 🤗💫🙏❤️