Nature has unique way of teaching you the life lessons
The only requirement being, that you understand it being in unison.

Rivers flow and they nourish every inch of soil that it flows through and all beings taken care.
How selfish are we, that we try alter its course and occupy its place, where it was once there.

Trees stood strong and tall, providing livelihood for many and the very air that we breathe.
How selfish are we, we pulled them down and dried up all the water, now you cannot bear the heat.

Animals roamed freely in their territory and had every right to live its life, was always with the nature.
How selfish are we, we destroyed their habitats to build ours and now play God for every such creature.

Birds chirping every morning was once a beautiful sight to wake up to and everything was in place, from rains lashing to flowers blooming.
How selfish are we, technology advanced at the cost of their lives, driving them to extinct and we altered the laws of nature and called it surviving.

How far have we come destroying our very source of life, that sustained us all the while.
The days are right here, when we have made our lives hard enough to find a reason to smile.

Wake up, we are already late to begin the repair of every damage we have caused in the name of globalization.
Please help every creature survive and be minful of every resource you require, because nature is the integral part of every civilization.