Before starting this article, I want to thank my sweet family. I’m deeply touched by your kind gesture and sweet comments. And many thanks to Medha ji for featuring Story Guru.  When a child scribble some drawing, how bad it might seem mother  going to love it and appreciate the work, you all gave me that love and confidence. Your kindness made me more responsible. Big thanks and tight hug to all of you. 
Few months back there was a flood in Germany so many people lost their home and loved once. Just after this episode there was a flood in my native as well. I was little scared because our village is under the foot hills of big western ghat mountains and these are prone to landslides. From past 3- or 4-years flood and landslides became common in the rainy seasons. It’s all happening because of climate change.

Pollution is a major problem in the world. It’s sad to say that we are leaving this polluted planet to our future generation.  
We talk about pollution when it affects us or our loved once and blame the government. After some days we forget everything and continue with our life (continue polluting mother earth). But there are some hero’s working silently to make our future better.  

Few days back while surfing on the internet to find an interesting story for my channel, I stumbled upon a great story of a Nano scientist called Marino Morikawa from Peru. You can watch his complete story here. When he returned to Peru after 20 years, the lake where he had lots of childhood memories was completely contaminated and just looked like an oxidation pond. Immediately he decided to do something about it. With lot of effort, he took loans from 3 banks and invested his personal savings to develop an organic solution to the water pollution. 

Within 4 months of his practical trial, he succeeded to clean entire lake. His solution is so harmless that you can even eat it!  So now Marino wants to clean more water bodies in Peru and in the world. Many people got inspired and joined their hands with him. You can follow his official page here. I feel story of this hidden gem must be shared as much as possible. If you feel so don’t hesitate to share his story. 

From his story I learned few things (at least intellectually) 

1. Anything and everything is possible if we truly dedicate ourselves for a cause. 
People may say you are crazy, this is not going to work!  but if your intension is good and you continue to work, there comes a day where same people will be singing your glories. 
2.Life is short. it’s important to work for a cause and make it meaningful. 
3. Pollution and climate changes are the reflections of our ignorant life styles and each one of us are responsible for this.  
4.Marino converted his PHD degree in to a solution for the world’s biggest problem so what do we have and what we can create???!!! 

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