This post is inspired by Bill Gates recent poscast with Rashida Jones and Elizabeth Kolbert  ( Bill Gates and Rashida Jones asks big questions episode 4) .

Mother nature provides us with so much and never asks for reciprocation. Actually nature needs nothing from us except gratitude. And the only way we can to truly show gratitude is to be kind conscious of the way we treat mother earth in our daily lives.

Bill says in his recent podcast how lot’s of people are sceptical about our ability to avoid a climate change but he is still hopefull for future of the planet if we take right steps now.

Without further making this post lengthy here are some of Bill’s tip and some of my personal opinion on how to avoid a climate disaster.

Bill Gates tips:-

1.Going vegetarian or vegan (if possible)

2. Carbon offsets 

3.Recycle  plastic or use less plastic ( as everytime you recycle plastic it’s quality gets degraded and after a certain step it cannot be recycled further and have to end up in landfill)

4. Flying on plane less often or fund green aviation fuel to offset ( he says this is very expensive but he fund it as he wanna set a good example)

5. Turing out lights,air conditioner ,heater when not in use.

6.And he says the biggest thing we can do is using our political voice ( To tell the government this is something we want you to hire the best scientists the best modelers)

7.Using cleaner source of innovation like electric cars.

My personal opinion:-

1.To be a mindful consumer and asking yourself questions before you buy (If you really need this?)

Impulse buying is a big problem specially in these days of online shopping when there’s sale every now and then.

One thing that I do is to wait for atleast 30 days before buying something (not talking about grocery and other essentials).

And almost most of times I end up not buying.

2.Meditaion :-World outside is full of change and change can’t satisfy desire and can’t bring peace and bliss it’s already inside you. You need to dive deeper.

As Gaur Gopal Das puts it beautifully ” Yoga is journey from”I” to “We” from narcism to selfless contribution from being an ice-cream to being a candle”

3.Buying sustainable products – Let it be buying vegan, cruelty free or product with completely recycled packaging or buying clothes from second hand shop or preferring natural fibres ( organic cotton or hemp, lycocell).Best option would still be to buy as less as possible.

4.Using Ecosia- Ecosia is a web browser that plants a tree for every 45 search you make and most important it protects the privacy of user.

5. Avoid single use plastic as much as possible- Carry your own bag ,Get a stainless steel straw and reusable cutlery set and avoid plastic straw and cutlery while in a restaurant ,and balloons ( Yes I never realised it was plastic), Single use plastic gift wrapper( you can wrap your gift in brown paper or even better newspaper), plastic loofa in shower (you can use cloth which is better for skin and nature),buying package free if possible ( bulk store)or buying largest packaging size etc.

6.Taking public transport,walking using bicycle whenever possible.

I want to end the post with again a quote from Eckhart Tolle:-

The pollution of outside is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic problem: Millions of unconscious people not talking the responsibility of their inner space.

Jay Radhe Shyam

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